10 Celebrity Parents Who Adopted Children

The path to parenthood can take many directions. Some are lucky and have an easy time having as many biological children as they desire. Others choose to bring children into their families through adoption. Many celebities have chosen adoption, for a variety of reasons.

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Whether they're driven by faith, compassion or health reasons, all of these families have adopted members. We've taken a look at the reason why these celebrities chose to adopt and their experiences along the way.

10 Viola Davis

Viola Davis and her husband Julius Tennon chose to grow their family by carrying a baby in their hearts, not in Viola's belly. At least, that's how she describes it. The Oscar winner adopted her daughter Genesis in 2011. She's now a beautiful talented 7 year old with her mom's passion for the arts.

She's following in her mother's very impressive footsteps and already has quite a skill for acting. Viola has been open about her difficult childhood. Her daughter experienced a similar start to life. The pair are perfectly suited to each other and make a charming family.

9 Hugh Jackman

Starting a family isn't always a carefree experience. Some couples have to fight through tragedy and heartbreak to bring children home. Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness had a difficult journey as when they decided to start a family. Furness was 40 when the pair began trying IVF. They suffered through more than one miscarriage, too.

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Bravely, they chose to continue their quest to become parents. They chose to adopt a son and daughter to complete their family.

8 Ty Burrell

Ty and his wife Holly have two beautiful little girls in their family. Ty is a devoted family man who turned his eye to roles in children's movies to appeal to his daughters, as the actor has said he likes working on projects that his daughters can enjoy.

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Voiceover roles tend to be less demanding on time, allowing the actor to spend more time at home. Burrell and his wife made the decision to adopt their first daughter on a flight. The actor said it was somewhat impulsive event, much like having a child via birth.

7 Jim Caviezel

Actor Jim Caviezel is best known for his portrayal of Jesus in The Passion Of The Christ. He and his wife are devout Catholics. Caviezel says he was challenged by a friend to back up his pro-life views by adopting disabled children. The idea terrified the actor, but he felt it was God's plan for his life.

He and his wife adopted two children from China. His son Bo was abandoned on a train as an infant. He suffered from a brain tumor. They later decided to adopt a newborn girl, but met a 5-year-old girl with a brain tumor as well. It felt like a sign. Caviezel says he's a new man since becoming their father.

6 Katherine Heigl


Actress Katherine Heigl has a blended family of both adopted and biological children. She says she always knew she would adopt children. Her sister Meg was adopted from Korea 3 years before she was born. She knew she wanted to raise a family that resembled her own. She and her husband discussed adopting children before they were even engaged.

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Heigl and husband Josh Kelley adopted two beautiful girls before they welcomed a biological son. The family explained the differences between adopted and biological children with a moving poem. It described how adopted children don't grow below their mothers' hearts but in them.

5 Denise Richards

Bringing an adopted child home to your biological children can be very emotional. Actress Denise Richards experienced this beautiful milestone when she welcomed baby Eloise into her family. Her two biological daughters Sam and Lola were a major consideration during the lengthy process.

Richards knew the adoption could take years so she chose to keep it quiet. It was two years before baby Eloise would be ready to come home. A soon as the little girl arrived, her two older sisters instantly accepted and embraced her.

4 Mary Lousie Parker


Mary Lousie Parker is a superstar single mom. She's not messing around about manners or bedtime but she does love to have fun with her kids and dance. She was already slaying the mom game with son William in 2007 when she felt ready to expand her family. She was moved to give a child a loving home.

Parker helped her daughter maintain her roots in Ethiopia by keeping the name her birth mother gave her. Some made insensitive comments about her beautiful name, Aberash, but Parker said it was the only gift her daughter had from her biological mother.

3 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron faced criticism recently when she was seen out on the town with her adopted son. In 2012, Theron adopted Jackson from her native South Africa. She later expanded her family, adopting a little girl named August in 2015.

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The family was spotted arriving at a birthday party. Both children, son, and daughter were dressing in matching pink tutus. Some feel Theron is forcing her son to dress in girl's clothing (he was also spotted in an adorable dress), while others applaud the famous mom for accepting her child's gender expression.

2 Kristen Davis

Is this a case of life imitating art? Kristen Davis says she always knew adoption was on the table for her, just like her character Charlotte on Sex And The City.  in 2011 she adopted her daughter Gemma Rose.

Davis was very open about her adoption experience. She said she found the process frightening but she knew she was ready to give a child a loving home. She's recently adopted a second child, a bouncing baby boy. Davis says she was worried about bonding with her daughter, so she slept with her on her chest every night.

1 Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has a beautiful family. The star is very sensitive to the unique needs of a family like hers. She adopted her son Louis from the foster care system in Louisiana. He asked his mother about a brother or sister. He wanted them to have brown skin like himself. Bullock told her son that they would truly be lucky to adopt another child.

She would later adopt her daughter Laila. She's a great adoptive mom who recognizes and addresses the many facets and emotions of adoption for both parents and children.

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