8 Celebrity Moms Who Refused To Wear Maternity Clothes

There are a lot of fun clothing styles. That is especially true when it comes to maternity clothing, since there are actually a lot of cool different styles of maternity clothes out there these days, and maternity outfits are much less boring than they were decades ago.

Plus, let’s be honest: maternity clothing certainly has its perks. Honestly, there are some maternity clothing items that are so comfortable that some ladies even choose to wear clothes like this when they are not pregnant simply because they’re comfortable. But some famous moms aren’t a fan of maternity clothes, no matter how stylish or comfy they are.

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8 Britney Spears

Over the years, popstar Britney Spears has definitely been involved in her fair share of drama. While most of the drama that has taken place in recent years has had a lot to do with her mental health, this famous mom also has surprised many people by making some weird choices as far as fashion goes.

When the popstar was pregnant with her children, there were actually many times when she stepped out of the house in things that certainly did not appear to be maternity clothing items. For example, there were moments when a pregnant Spears was spotted in regular shorts and shirts while she let the world see her belly bump. Spears certainly did make some bold wardrobe choices when she was pregnant.

7 Tiffany Thornton

Actress Tiffany Thornton used to be very busy appearing on the Disney Channel show Sonny With A Chance. But these days she has her hands full with her little ones.

Thornton has had multiple children, but she has actually never been a big fan of maternity items. While some people apparently love them, the actress probably won’t be wearing any maternity items any time soon.

But she at least kept an open mind about it a long time ago. The former Disney Channel star actually said she purchased a couple of pairs of jeans that were designed for ladies who are expecting. Nevertheless, she wore them one time before deciding that they weren’t for her. Instead, Thornton started buying regular clothes in slightly bigger sizes than normal.

6 Gisele Bündchen

Models are notoriously skinny, and Gisele Bündchen is no different. The model is also a mother, and she kept a strict diet during pregnancy, as well as a strict workout schedule.

But even Bündchen puts on a little bit of weight every now and then. However, the amount of weight the model gained was apparently not enough to make her decide to invest in some maternity clothing.

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But Bündchen’s lack of maternity clothing doesn’t mean that her journey into motherhood was much different than anyone else’s. Since learning to take care of a new baby takes a lot of focus and recovering from childbirth takes quite a bit of time, the model was not able to return to the gym for a bit after giving birth.

5 Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian women are known for a lot of things, and one of them is how focused they are on their looks, as well as their fashion choices. So, it won’t surprise anyone to find out that Kourtney is not the biggest supporter of maternity fashion.

As a matter of fact, when the reality television star was pregnant in 2009, her younger sister, Kim, claimed that Kourtney was borrowing someone else’s clothing, instead of just purchasing some maternity items that she would no doubt feel much more comfortable in.

In fact, the person whose clothing she was borrowing (according to Kim) belonged to Khloé Kardashian. It seems as though the star had a hard time accepting the fact that she needed bigger clothing while pregnant.

4 Heidi Klum

There are a lot of celebrity moms out there who seem to enjoy designing awesome maternity clothing items. But at the same time, there are other famous moms who choose to stick with regular clothing, just like model Heidi Klum comes in.

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Klum, who has been involved in the world of fashion for a very long time, chose not to wear maternity clothing. And she has a pretty good reason for it. Klum claimed that people who work in the world of fashion need to dress a certain way at all times, whether they are expecting a new little baby or not. Instead, Klum decided to wear regular clothing in place of maternity items, much like numerous other famous moms.

3 Claudia Schiffer

When Claudia Schiffer was pregnant, she advised women to purchase clothing that is a few sizes too big for them, and then have it tailored so that it will fit them perfectly. The supermodel does not really like maternity clothing items that much.

While Shiffer is not into wearing maternity clothing, she also has a few issues with clothes that are very snug around the stomach. It looks like we won’t catch Shiffer showing off any baby bumps any time soon.

2 Blake Lively

Former Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively has always been a great fashion inspiration. It seems as though she never steps out of the house without wearing something that is super cute and trendy.

One might think that being pregnant would change that, but Lively seems to be able to keep her style even when she is expecting a new little boy or girl. In fact, despite the fact that the actress inspired some maternity outfits for pregnant women everywhere, she never actually dressed in that particular style herself.

Lively has a unique style that she did not want to get rid of when she was pregnant. The actress claimed that she would not have felt like herself at all if she had changed her style.

1 Khloé Kardashian

It seems as though Kourtney is not the only famous Kardashian family member who was not feeling very eager to hop into maternity clothing.

In fact, it seems that Khloé Kardashian is not a big fan of wearing clothing like that either. Apparently, this famous Kardashian sister has no issues at all with wearing her normal wardrobe when she is expecting a baby. The outfits that this reality television star has been known to show off while pregnant are rather gorgeous, so no one can really blame her for not wanting to trade them in for something else during pregnancy.

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