10 Celebrity Mom Outfits You Can Buy At The Mall

Life changes a lot when we have kids. In our youth, we spent hours upon hours getting ready and glammed up before going out somewhere. Our outfits were pre-planned, and we had back-up ones just in case we weren’t feeling the original one. But then motherhood hits. Once you have another little human to care for (or two or three), being fashion-forward generally becomes one of mom’s last priorities. She needs to make sure her kids are bathed, fed, and dressed before she can worry about herself, which doesn’t always leave a lot of time.

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But just because someone is a busy mom doesn’t mean she needs to feel frumpy in what she’s wearing. There are tons of easy outfits a mom can quickly put together in a hurry—she just needs to know what to shop for. Take these celebrity moms as examples. Whether they’ve learned how to expertly style leggings, joggers, or even rompers, these working moms are proof that you don’t need to compromise your comfort to look stylish. It’s easy to recreate these looks with pieces from our own closets or even head to the mall to find what we’re missing. Given how trendy these looks are, moms should have no trouble finding budget-friendly pieces to give their wardrobe a facelift.

10 Look Bomb In A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have been a huge trend for the past few seasons—and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Mom-of-one Rosie Huntington-Whitley showed fans how they can pull off this easy style at home as she made her way to the airport.

It’s easy to find this style of jacket in tons of different colors and patterns nowadays. You can pair it with jeans or even leggings for an effortless and comfortable outfit that will allow you to keep up with the kids all day.

9 They’re Called Mom Jeans For A Reason

As we said, there’s a reason they call this style of denim ‘mom jeans.’ In this photo, actress Mila Kunis looks chic yet comfortable in her trendy outfit. The oversized fit of these jeans offers the maximum in comfort and flexibility, which is essential if you have a toddler you need to run after.

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Still, we love that mom jeans are a bit more dressed up than classic skinny jeans or a pair of leggings. Throw on a t-shirt for a casual daytime look or dress up the jeans with a blazer and heels to carry you into the evening.

8 Crop That Sweatshirt

There’s no excuse for your sweatshirt to look grungy! Nowadays, it’s the trend to rock sweatshirts whether you’re just rolled out of bed or not. We suggested opting for a cropped sweatshirt like Chrissy Teigan's that adds a fresh twist on a classic pullover.

Not only will this be cooler than a standard, oversized sweatshirt, but it doesn’t overpower your figure. This helps to make cropped sweatshirts appear a bit more pulled-together than regular sweats. Pair it with jeans or leggings and you’ll be ready to roll!

7 Romp Around In A Romper

If you want to look a bit more pulled-together, yet don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort, then hop into a romper. The great thing about this item of clothing is that it’s all one-piece. You don’t need to spend time trying to style a top and a bottom together since it’s basically already a pre-made outfit.

Simply throw the romper on with a pair of shoes and you’re ready to head out the door. Rock a patterned romper, like this one that Kate Hudson was caught in, for a bolder look. Or go for a simple grey or black romper if you want something simpler.

6 Behold The T-Shirt Dress

It’s hard to imagine that anything could be comfier than a t-shirt and sweatpants, but behold the t-shirt dress. This oversized style came into fashion a few years ago and we can never look back. Like Kylie Jenner, you can opt to literally wear a large graphic t-shirt as a dress. Add some biker shorts underneath to avoid a slip-up.

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Most stores carry this style of dress nowadays. To avoid feeing shapeless, consider adding a jacket or belt to better highlight your figure. Overall, moms will appreciate how comfortable this style is. Yet, since it's a dress, it still allows you to look effortlessly dressed-up.

5 Keep Cool In Jean Shorts

Too many moms think that short-shorts are only for teenagers or twenty-something-year-olds. But this style can work on anyone, regardless of age. The key is to find what style of denim shorts fit your fancy.

Perhaps you’d prefer a looser or high-waisted style that’s a little bit more forgiving. Bermuda shorts (ones that go to your knees) have also been trendy since last summer. Or you can opt for teeny, tiny jean shorts like the ones Jessica Simpson rocked in this photo. Pair it with a long sweatshirt or cardigan to help balance out the amount of skin you’re showing.

4 Leggings Totally Count As Pants

Whoever said that leggings don’t count as pants clearly just never found the right style for themselves. Leggings are literally a mother’s uniform, but there’s no reason for this casual style to be unfashionable. Just like Khloe Kardashian did in this photo, pair your athletic pants with a sleek sweatshirt or t-shirt for an effortless athleisure vibe.

Nowadays, work-out leggings come in all sorts of patterns and textures. Opt for a patterned pair like Khloe’s to add a bit more detail to your outfit. But then again, black leggings are always a safe option if you don’t know what to wear.

3 A Maxi Dress Is A No-Brainer

Just like t-shirt dresses, maxi dresses are another summer staple that’s easy to just throw on and go. You can find all sorts of different styles of maxi dresses in stores today. We love this white number that Sarah Michelle Gellar was photographed in.

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The flowy style means mom will feel comfortable throughout the day, regardless if she’s chasing her kids around at the playground or not. But the bright color and intricate pattern help make the look fashion-forward. For date night, throw on a leather jacket or jean jacket to complete the look.

2 Jump Into A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have all the benefits of rompers, except they show even less skin, which may actually be a pro for some moms out there. In this photo, Katie Holmes was cute and trendy in a leopard-print jumpsuit. The jumper was loose and flowy, meaning Katie probably felt like she was wearing pajamas.

We love that jumpsuits are so easy to transition from day to night. If you have a black jumpsuit, style it with sandals for a casual afternoon out. Then trade those in for heels and a sparkly clutch when you’re finally ready to hit the town.

1 Keep Up With Life In Joggers

Whether you’re a mom or not, there are going to be some days where all you feel like wearing is sweatpants—and there’s nothing wrong with that! But if you want to make the look a bit more polished, considering trading your baggy sweats in for a pair of joggers.

These sweatpants came into style a few years back, as the slim-fit helps give a bit of structure to the look. Joggers are available in all sorts of colors and patterns nowadays, but we definitely recommend having a black or grey pair on hand. Just like Jennifer Lopez did here, all you need to do is throw on a sweatshirt or top and you’re good to go.

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