10 Ways To Celebrate Your Kid's Birthday When It Is At Christmas

Having a birthday at Christmas is like going to school on Sunday, nobody wants it to happen. Yes, Christmas birthdays can really suck, for a number of reasons. For instance, nobody ever seems to have any money, which means fewer presents for your kid and less fun. Plus, other family members always tend to forget, mostly due to their own Christmas stress and their own crazy families.

Then, to make matters worse, all your kid's friends are busy and are unable to attend birthday parties or get-togethers. However, it doesn't always have to be this way, with a number of hacks to turn your little ones Christmas birthday into a bundle of fun. Here are 10 ways to celebrate your kid's birthday when it is at Christmas.

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10 Joint Gifts Are A Definite No

Yes, it might seem practical and also economically sufficient but joint Christmas and birthday presents are a definite no. Think about it? If your birthday was in June would you like someone to give you a joint birthday and Christmas present?

Probably not, so why attempt the idea with December birthdays. The two occasions should always be kept and referred to as separate holidays, including the presents that you give. To make things even more separate, why not spread some time between the two, with Christmas gifts in the mornings and birthday gifts in the afternoon.

9 No Christmas Paper

For December birthdays it is the little details that count, from joint birthday and Christmas gifts to the food and drinks that you devour, everything should be individualized. Therefore, it is important to remember even the simplest things, such as Christmas wrapping paper.

Yes, birthday presents should never be wrapped in Christmas themed paper and should stay separated from the rest of the Christmas presents. Remember, this is a separate holiday, with your child's birthday in no way related to Christmas or Christmassy things. The same goes for the decorations too, as well as cards, labels, and ribbons.

8 Christmas Free Zone Birthday Party

If you do decide to have a birthday party on or around Christmas try to make it as Christmas free as possible. The trick is to distract your child from the Christmas period and concentrate on their birthday and the fun that comes from that instead. Therefore, Christmas trees, decorations and anything else Christmas related should be removed immediately.

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Obviously, this is rather difficult, so why not choose a designated room or area of the house that is solely connected to their birthday. Then, you can decorate it how you wish and remove it once the birthday fun has finished.

7 Birthday Cake Is A Must

One of the best things about Christmas is the food, especially the sweet treats that are on offer. Therefore, it is incredibly easy to forget important birthday foods such as nibbles, finger food, and of course, the birthday cake.

Yes, birthday cakes are often lost amongst the variety of cakes that are on offer over Christmas and can really ruin a kid's birthday without one. So, make sure you have birthday cake raring to go and also avoid Christmas themes at all cost. That's right, no kid wants a snowman, a reindeer or a Christmas tree on their birthday cake.

6 Christmas Birthday Tree

Christmas trees are a staple part of any regular household in the USA and Europe, so it is something that needs to be factored in with regards to any December birthdays that you might have in your family. Obviously, it would be silly to remove the tree, after all, it is Christmas and Christmas wouldn't be the same without a Christmas tree.

Instead, why not join the two occasions together and decorate the Christmas tree with some birthday themes too. Yes, birthday ornaments are available all over the world and can be placed on Christmas trees for those birthday boys and girls who are feeling that little bit left out over the Christmas period.

5 Split The Day In Half

If your child's birthday happens to fall on Christmas day then there are a number of things that you can do to help the day go smoothly. For instance, why not split the day in half, or even in three halves? The morning can be a designated Christmas period, with family presents, traditions and Christmas lunch.

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Then, after you have eaten, why not turn the second half of the day into a birthday bonanza, with a birthday cake, birthday gifts and birthday traditions that you may have in your family. If you are still raring to go, turn the day back into Christmas, or even better a Birthday/Christmas evening where both occasions are enjoyed and celebrated.

4 Half Birthday

Celebrating half birthday is now one of the most common things to do for those born on or around Christmas. For instance, if your child was born on Christmas day, why not celebrate their birthday on June 25th instead? This tradition has gone down wonders amongst families across the globe, with kids pretty much allowed to celebrate their birthday twice a year.

Half birthdays also allow their kids to celebrate with their friends, who are most likely busy around the holiday season. Plus, they even get to celebrate their "birthday" in the summer, depending on where they are in the world of course.

3 Plan In Advance

Parents who have children who are born in December should always remember to plan in advance, especially with regards to parties, presents, and decorations. Yes, sadly the holiday season can often take over the world, making it rather difficult to get your hands on birthday cards (without a Christmas theme), birthday decorations (without a Christmas theme) and birthday presents (without a Christmas theme).

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However, one of the most important things to plan in advance is the birthday party. Unfortunately, kids are usually unavailable to attend birthday parties throughout the holiday season due to their own family gatherings. Therefore, it is probably better to have their birthday party a month in advance or a month later.

2 Experiences Instead Of Presents

One of the most important things to do with regards to December birthdays is to emphasize how different each occasion is, especially when gifting presents. Yes, it can be easy to give children joint presents or even just one big present, and even if you don't, the presents can end up just looking the same.

Why not give your child an experience instead? It is much better than a load of unwanted gifts that will just end up covered in dust. Yes, birthday experiences are extremely common nowadays, and can really take your child out of the Christmas period and into their very own birthday surprise.

1 Prolong The Celebrations 

If you have a big family and it is impossible to turn Christmas day into a half birthday and a half Christmas day, why not prolong the birthday instead. That's right, these days, it is extremely common for parents to extend their children's birthday until after Christmas, or at least until all their friends are back from their own Christmas family gatherings.

Obviously, you should still acknowledge your child's birthday but instead, let them know that you will be celebrating it in all its glory after the Christmas period has ended. In fact, you could even try the birthday month idea, and celebrate the whole of December instead.

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