What You Need To Know Before Giving CBD Oil To Kids

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CBD oils seem to be the new buzzy word lately in pretty much every industry. New products are popping up every day, from adding it to food, beauty products and more. The cannabidiol product is found in marijuana and hemp is being used to treat everything from anxiety to pain to insomnia, and many parents as of lately have opened up about using to treat things like ADHD in their children. (Keep in mind that CBD oil does not contain THC, the product found in marijuana that makes you high.)

CBD products have become very mainstream these days and don't necessarily need to be purchased through a special distributor, but can easily be bought online and even places like your local CVS stores. It's one thing whenever you're using CBD oil as an adult, but using it with children is sort of a grey area.

At this point, there haven't been many studies done to see how these products impact people on a long term basis, so it definitely needs to be treated with caution.

Currently, there is only one FDA-approved CBD product on the market, which is called Epidiolex. This is an oral medication that is being used to treat two forms of epilepsy that are very rare. For people - both adults and children - using Epidiolex, there have been life-changing results reported. But when it comes to other medical issues, there is little known about the true impact.

Romper spoke with Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, who is a board-certified pediatrician and Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Like many, she urges her patients to be cautious when it comes to introducing their children to CBD oil products.

"There are a lot of medical claims being made about the powers of CBD oil that right now just don't have a lot of scientific data to back it up. The evidence is still lacking in areas such as for sleep and anxiety, particularly in children," she says.

On the other hand, there are studies in the works, Consumer Reports shared that could put parents in the right direction about using CBD oil products to regularly treat things like ADHD, depression, and autism - but these will take time to conduct before products become regulated and approved to be prescribed by doctors.

It's definitely something to keep our eyes on for the future.

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