These Mundane Things Can Cause Alarming Summer Injuries In Kids

Summer may be winding down and kids may be heading back to school soon, but August is usually the hottest month of the year, so plenty of families are taking advantage and heading outdoors while they still can! Summer fun means barbecues, beach days, and plenty of time at the pool. But while there may be plenty of ways to have a good time during the summer, it can also be a recipe for disaster. Summer injuries are common, and you may be surprised to learn that most summer injuries are caused by seemingly mundane things and activities. When you're out making memories with your kiddos, be sure to watch out for some of these potential injuries. Summer is better spent outdoors, and not in am emergency room!

Toddlers and inquisitive kids run a really high risk of hand injuries from touching dangerous items.

Hand injuries are a result of a toddler's tendency to reach up and grab stuff, like hot grills and fans. They can also happen when toddlers grab or reach for folding chairs, which can collapse on their little fingers. Make sure to keep anything that could pose a risk out of reach of grabby little hands, and never leave a toddler unattended around a hot grill or fan.

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Swimming and riding bikes is a lot of fun, but also account for the majority of summer injuries in kids.

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With the long days of summer, lots of kids are out riding bikes for hours everyday. But for kids ages 1 - 5, bike injuries are a huge risk. Even the best riders fall of their bikes from time to time, so make sure you practice bike safety at all times, and require helmets and pads for your young riders. Kids this age are also at a high risk of sustaining injuries while swimming, usually from diving into a too-shallow pool or lake. Pool safety is so important, so make sure your rules are well-known, and kids don't dive into the shallow end of the pool.

Kids aren't the only ones at risk for summer injuries!

Adults between the ages of 40 - 50 suffer some common summer injuries too, usually from lawn maintenance or moving or installing air conditioning units. Make safety a priority for yourself as well, and remember to use common sense and enlist the help of friends or neighbors when you have a big lawn project or need to move a heavy AC.

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