Caticorn Cereal From Kellogg's Has Actual Glitter In It

caticorn cereal

There's nothing like a good cereal to brighten up the start of your day, and there's nothing like cats and unicorns no matter the hour. Kellogg's have discovered a gap in the market, combining these three winning elements to release Caticorn Cereal.

Beware, you might have to avoid the cereal aisle on your next grocery trip, because your kids will probably hold you hostage until you load your cart up with this kitteny goodness...but we haven't even told you the best part yet. It's made with edible glitter.

As for taste, eaters can expect to be wowed by a berrylicious flavor that knocks you into high gear. Get it when you can though, because Caticorn won't be around for long.

The exclusive cereal is available to Sam's Club members through March, and it won't break the bank. You can get your hands on two boxes of this kitsch deliciousness for $5.98, but Kelloggs say it'll soon be in other retailers too.

caticorn cereal
Credit: Sam's Club

If you secretly want a bowl full o' this stuff but don't want to seem like a giant woman-child picking it up in person, then Sam's Club has got you covered as it's available to purchase online, too. As Bustle points out, it's "meowgical" - who can argue with that?

We can't attest to how much sugar is in it, but really, when something is this cute, who even cares? Keep your eye on your Instagram feed in the upcoming weeks as you'll be sure to see a few candid shots of beautiful glittery bowls. Sam's Club isn't any stranger to unicorns either, having capitalized on the trend for a couple of years. Last year, they released a three-tier unicorn cake that retailed for just under $70 and proved a massive hit. Clearly, the marketing team have been thinking up a storm and decided to try their luck mixing cats and unicorns together, thus producing one heck of a social-media friendly breakfast food.

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