Catelynn Lowell Is Pregnant: 20 Things We Know About The Family

It feels like so long ago that Catelynn, Farrah, and all our favorites were ready to pop on Teen Mom. Sure, they’re still young moms but a whole decade has passed! Plenty of the couples have been through breakups and drama, but Tyler and Catelynn seemed to have kept it together for a very, very long time. Especially when we consider how long they’ve both been alive, which really isn’t that long in comparison to the length of their relationship.

Considering these two (former) teenaged lovebirds have been together since the seventh grade, they've had their fair share of highs and lows. After giving their first daughter (Carly) up for adoption in 2009, the two have matured into young adults, got married, had a second baby girl (which they raise together) named Novalee, and are now expecting their third baby!

Although the details on baby number three are lacking, it’s obvious that the family couldn’t be more excited; we’re in store for plenty of information. Catelynn and Tyler may be older and wiser this time around, but fans feel young again just knowing that this amazing couple gets another shot at parenting. It’s like we’re in 2008 again (for better or worse)!

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20 There's No Due Date But There's A Baby Coming!

All kinds of outlets have been abuzz with the news; online newspapers, celebrity news sites... Along with this picture, the Celebrity Babies Instagram captioned it, “'BREAKING NEWS' #CatelynnLowell and #TylerBaltierraExpecting their 3rd child!💕 💕 #TeenMomOG #CelebrityBaby!"

The caption belays what little info we have at this moment. It's definitely not much information on how far along mom is or when we can expect the baby. Give us a trimester, Catelynn! Give us anything! Drop some hints for us! Like, what about what vital organs the baby should have developed by now! Let us into your life!

19 The Father Is Husband, Tyler Baltierra

Before we get too much farther, I feel like there needs to be a little bit of clarification. Of course long time partner Tyler Baltierra is the father. He’s a great dad and totally dotes on their daughter Novalee.

In this candid picture of Nova, he adds “Typical facial expression by my baby! She wouldn’t go near it unless I held her & It’s impossible for people with our personalities to hide our feelings about things because our facial expressions reveal them all!" 

You don’t need to even see a facial expression to know how much he loves that little girl — this next baby is in for a treat.

18 This Is Their Third Child, But Second Child They'll Raise Together

If you joined later in the show, you might not remember the incredible journey that was Catelynn coming to terms with giving up her firstborn for adoption. Not only was there the surprise of teen pregnancy and the gravity of Catelynn and her family weighing their options, but there was the pain and joy that came with putting the baby’s wellbeing first. However, when Catelynn got pregnant a second time in her twenties, she and Tyler decided to keep the baby; that’s their little girl Novalee. So now you’re all caught up on context: three babies total, only two they’ve raised (or will raise).

17 Big Sister Novalee Is Just Now Starting Pre-School

It’s crazy to think about how much Catelynn and Tyler have gone through since they were in seventh grade. But what's even crazier is the fact that Novalee is beginning preschool! Wasn’t she just born? I’m pretty sure Nova was just born and then the show cut to commercials... How many commercials have passed since that moment? Wow, I need to go for a walk... While staying updated via social media while I’m out or Nova will be graduating middle school before the time I'm back.

16 The Pregnancy Is A Surprise And A Rainbow Baby

She may not be a teen mother anymore, but Catelynn is still very upfront about her pregnancy being unplanned and unexpected. Catelynn shared that, “It was a huge shock at first. We were not planning it, especially after the miscarriage and how I went downhill with my mental illness.” It’s been such a journey of extreme highs and such low lows that just kept on going and going and gathering in size — as lows are known to do.

A miscarriage is already painful and Catelynn has had such a rough time after her miscarriage. This third baby could be what lifts the family back up!

15 Mental Illness Is No Joke

This photograph is actually of Catelynn and Tyler guest appearing on a podcast to specifically discuss addiction, depression, their family's relationship with law enforcement, and mental health trouble in general.

Catelynn’s been fairly open about the depression and the trouble she had following her miscarriage. After getting special treatment in Arizona back in 2016, "I decided I needed to get help from talking with Tyler and realizing that I maybe needed something more intense for myself… For some reason, I just had a light bulb moment where I was like, 'Maybe I need extra help.'"

14 ...Which Tyler Was Incredibly Supportive Of

There’s no stigma on mental health in the Lowell-Baltierra household (at least that’s what it looks like from the outside). Following his wife’s check-in to an Arizona mental facility, Tyler tweeted, ”Incredibly proud of my wife...when she thought she had no choices left, she reached out & decided to LIVE today! My life would be desolate without her in it. You are beautiful, strong, worthy, & loved @CatelynnLowell #KeepTalkingMH.”

Using Twitter as a platform to shed light on taboo issues is the best use of the platform. It feels especially fitting that these young parents would be open and honest about mental health. That said, it takes bravery — so kudos to them!

13 Tyler Also Shares His Relationship With Mental Health In Other Ways

Tyler has long been open about his upbringing by parents hurting from addiction and the emotional toll that takes, as well as the scars. Although he’s been holding the fort down at home while Catelynn’s taken time to herself to repair and recuperate, Tyler’s extremely forthcoming about his own inner life through Instagram posts.

Tyler posts a lot of screenshots of notes that border on lyrics, he wrote, “We can’t change people’s behaviors or what they do/ We can only change how we react to what/ they do with our behavior, it’s true.” I

s there an album on the way? It sounds emotionally mature to me.

12 All In All, There Were Three Mental Health Stays

As Catelynn joked, "Well they say third times a charm… I'm going back to treatment, people for six weeks to work on my trauma and getting on different meds. THANK YOU @TylerBaltierra I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are my light!! And Nova, you are my sunshine #KeepTalkingMH.”

Three pregnancies, three mental health stays... Is there a pattern going on? No, hopefully the third was her last and that these issues don’t return, but Catelynn’s stays at mental health facilities were scattered around last holiday season. Some were for a few weeks or more and hopefully all contributed to a happier, healthier life for her family.

11 Meanwhile, Tyler Used The Time To Bond With Little Nova

If it’s not already obvious, Tyler’s a pretty amazing partner and father. Sure, all of us can be difficult to love at some moments of our lives but he’s definitely doing the work. He shared that, ”If getting better was about changing your behavior, Cate would have already done it,” so it’s clear that he totally respects his wife’s need for time to focus on herself and changing her behaviors. Of course, even if the time was serious for her, that doesn’t necessarily mean it had to be serious for him and his daughter. The two spent the time bonding while mom was away.

10 Just Because She Kept Her Maiden Name Doesn't Mean There's A Split

Divorce rumors are always in the news, and despite how much Tyler and Catelynn have committed to each other, they’re not impervious to the rumor mill either. “Tyler and I are not getting a divorce. Couples go through ups and downs. That’s normal life… We are a solid couple that will work through anything life throws at us.”

You can search Catelynn’s maiden name and find news or social media accounts, but with that said, it’s not at all indicative that a couple is splitting for a woman to reclaim her maiden name. It’s actually a bit backwards that that move would even be perceived as a distance between two partners.

9 Catelynn Feels That Her Life Is Much More Stable Thanks To Medication

A lot of mental health issues boil down to chemical imbalances. It still takes mental work to reorganize how you react to situations and how you manage stress, but there’s a hormonal element that’s just undeniable. Catelynn seems to be on the side that feels similarly and she attributed her improvements in life to ”be[ing] on the right medications [that] seem to be working really well. It all stems from the trauma in my past, so I'm going to have to keep digging deep into that.” Emotional and physical—just like how our bodies process emotional harm—the two are inseparable even years later and it takes working on both to get healthy.

8 The End Of August Marked Their Third Wedding Anniversary

It was three long years ago that these two tied the knot! They’d already had two children together, made the excruciating decision to give one up for adoption and raise the other when they got married. Most people don’t go through that much until they’re a decade into their marriage, let alone dating. Say whatever you will about the show or reality television in general, but that’s an incredible stress for a relationship to withstand. It’s just unimaginable. So yeah, married for three years is still kind of like being "newlyweds" but these two are genuinely for-lifers. That ring is just a beautiful after thought.

7 Been Together For More Than A Decade Now

The numbers are just totally bananas on their relationship. They’re so young and their love is, well not old but at least… mature? Catelynn appeared on 16 And Pregnant at (you guessed it) the age of 16, but she and Tyler had already been together for three years. Can we just consider that? Three years together as teenagers... Teenage relationships should be counted in dog years. Not even dog years — caterpillar years. One month equals a decade. That said, it’s amazing that they’ve stuck through so much, even when the show had just started. And that feels like… a million years ago.

6 This Pregnancy Feels Meant To Be

Via: Wikifeet.com

Despite being very responsible and meticulous, the couple still got pregnant (and couldn’t be more excited about it). Catelynn shares, "We were using protection and everything and still got pregnant. This baby just wanted to be here. It was very unexpected.” Catelynn’s no rookie to this whole pregnancy deal and it’s gorgeous the way she put it; “this baby just wanted to be here.” That’s just another way of saying, well, I guess this was meant to be. What’s more amazing than seeing these two grow up is seeing how their parenting and their approach to life’s surprises has evolved.

5 The Way Catelynn Talks About This New Baby Is Adorable

It’s a common phrase that a baby following a miscarriage is called “a rainbow baby.” It’s a pretty adorable phrase considering how traumatic the whole ordeal can be. That said, Catelynn elevated the phrase to a new level when she shared this: "This baby is our rainbow after the storm. I’m super excited.” Awww, the storm is over and the sun has emerged. Hey, following the celestial theme that Nova’s name has set, do you think this coming baby will have a name related to the sun? Sure, we should wait to learn a gender before making guesses but that’s a pretty good hypothesis.

4 But The Attention Lavished On Nova Is Pretty Cute Too

The two parents might be excited for the future, but they’re just as enamored with the present. Tyler shared his love for his little girl Novalee on Instagram. “ I love her curious nature & her sense of adventure on top of her spunky little personality & that cute little face of hers! I am just so in love with her, it’s crazy! #DaddysGirl #NovaleeReign.

Stop it, you’re embarrassing her! Just kidding, your fatherly love is absolutely adorable and she won’t be touchy about hiding it for another decade. So let’s soak up the second-hand unconditional love while we’ve got it!

3 It's All About Timing: Their Clothing Line Is Launching A New Collection

Let’s back up and examine the larger picture, shall we? Specifically, let’s look at the businesses Catelynn and Tyler have going on. The two don’t just have survival skills, they also have an entrepreneurial initiative. Tyler launched his line of children’s clothing Tierra Reign (any hint on the future baby name? No? Okay, I’ll keep guessing) while his wife suffered from postpartum depression, thus fulfilling his own passion. It was an act of self-love that quickly blossomed into a brand that many were eager about. It doesn’t hurt that all the garments are made in the United States, either. 

2 The New Season Of 'Teen Mom OG' Premieres Soon!

You know what else is dropping? That’s right, Teen Mom OG is back October first. Get that MTV ready so you know all about the Tierra Reign collections dropping before they’re sold out and have time to analyze the footage (forwards and backwards) to gain every hint you need for guesses at baby names. MTV, let’s talk. Which episode will it be when they reveal the gender? Just tell me so I can get the chips and dip ready. I just need some guests to RSVP before I make any big plans, so if you could help with this party then that’d be great.

1 Catelynn Is Still Super Close With The Other OG Teen Moms

While we’re backing out to view the bigger picture, let’s view the biggest picture. It’s been- what, 10 years since Teen Mom debuted? The moms have taken different routes and approached fame differently, but they’ve made the best of a tough situation. That’s really difficult and what matters more than the cards you’ve been dealt is how you play them. Or, in a more literal sense, what kind of person and mother (or father) you become. So in that regard, congrats Catelynn and Tyler! We can’t wait to follow you along on this new adventure.

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