Catelynn Lowell Opens Up About Baby Number 4 Plans

catelynn lowell

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are two of everyone's favorite Teen Mom OG stars. They gave their first baby girl, Carly, up for adoption during their season of 16 and Pregnant, and have since had two more girls together.

Despite going through pregnancy, labor, and delivery three times already, Catelynn plans to try for baby number four around the time her youngest, Veda (now 7 months) is around one or two years old. Right now, the mom is adamant about focusing on her family as is and told Us Weekly that she's currently on birth control.

When the time does come for baby number four, Catelynn really, really hopes it's a boy. She and Tyler both agree that three kids is their limit though, and that if they're meant to be parents of all girls then that's what will be. She has no intention of going for more kids just to get the gender they want.

The reality star told Us Weekly in June, "I’m not going to have, like, six or seven kids. Like, no thank you. I feel like I’m already going gray with two.”

Catelynn has also been candid about the fact that she and Tyler weren't actually trying for Veda when she was conceived. Catelynn had suffered a miscarriage in 2017 and she was "shocked" when she got her positive pregnancy test. In fact, she was diligent about using protection at the time but chalks the surprise blessing up to Veda just "wanting" to be part of their family.

The couple has gone through so much over the years (their season of 16 and Pregnant aired in 2010!) and have found a way to always make it through. They've sacrificed their own child to make another family complete and are now enjoying the time they have with their two girls at home. It's no wonder Catelynn isn't in a rush to welcome baby number four anytime soon, she and her sweet husband have lived through a lot in a short time, so they should take the opportunity to enjoy life as is for a while.

Though, whenever they do welcome baby number four, everyone will be rooting for a little boy!

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