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What Is Dermaplaing, And Should You Really Try It?

For centuries, people have done some wild things, all in the name of beauty. But have you heard of the newest trend? It's called dermaplaning, and we're here to tell you everything you need to know about what it is, and whether you should try it.

10 Celebrity Moms Who Are Raising Twins

Twins are truly fascinating. They’re not quite as rare as they used to be, though, considering the fact that the number of twins born in the United States each year went up by seventy-six percent between the years 1980 and 2009.

10 Work From Home Job Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

There are a lot of reasons why being a stay-at-home mother is fantastic. Firstly, moms who choose to do that get to spend more time with their kids, which means there are little to no important moments that they miss when it comes to their children.

10 Famous Moms Who Don't Use A Nanny

Raising children can be pretty exhausting, even though it is awesome. Taking care of kids is pretty hard for the average person, so it is difficult to imagine how difficult it must be for famous men a...

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