10 Cat Moms You Should Be Following On Instagram

For whatever reason, cats get a bad rep. They're seen as sneaky and judgemental, however, if you give cats a chance, you'll realize how loveable and fun they really are. All that "black cat being bad luck" nonsense is just that: nonsense. Cats are the perfect pet for anyone living in a smaller home or who just needs some love and attention.

Thankfully for many cat lovers, they can get their fix through the thousands of accounts on Instagram. In fact, most cat accounts are more adorable and uplifting to follow than the human beings we actually know.

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Although we adore looking at cats, it's also cool to get to know the person behind the camera. Who's their cat mom taking pictures of them in cute positions and what's their life really like? Below we have 10 cat moms who love their four-legged buddies so much that they share the love on IG. Some cat moms even foster oodles of cats in hopes of finding them loving homes.


With over 113,000 followers, Kelly shows off her fostering lifestyle. She doesn't show her face much on Instagram. Instead, she lets the cats she's fostering do all the talking.

She takes a ton of pictures and videos of kittens playing around and napping, and she preaches about adopting animals who need loving homes instead of going to a breeder. There are millions of cats around the world who need a place to call home, so if you see a kitten that catches your eye on Instagram, you can apply for adoption right through her account.


Known as the Kitten Lady, Hannah Shaw is doing what she can to raise awareness about rescuing cats and petting one kitty at a time. In fact, she loves cats so much that she wrote a book: Kitten Lady's Big Book of Little Kittens.

Through her activation, she tries to educate others on being humane to animals and how to help. Likewise, her account is filled with memorable cat moments in her career and tons of pictures and videos of adorable kittens.


If you're a cat lover on Instagram then you have definitely seen Suki Cat. This stunning cat loves going on outdoor adventures with her mom, Marti. Suki can be seen overlooking lakes, cliffs, playing in the leaves... She has the best time with her mom by her side. Likewise, Marti's Instagram page is just as beautiful.

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Marti goes on the same adventures Sukki does and poses for breathtaking, one-of-a-kind photos that give so many of us the travel bug. And like so many other cat moms out there, Marti has over 570,000 followers on Instagram but Suki has over one million.


Based in Toronto, Canada, Holly isn't just a cat mom — she's a photographer. So you better believe that her moments with her fluffy ones are always a photoshoot.

Holly loves to take pictures of nature and her pets, Alice, Finnegan, and Oliver. With two Siberian Lynx Point cats and a Havanese dog, her pets have their own Instagram account as well with over 383,000 followers. And as adorable as her pets are, they sure do know how to pose, making mom's job very easy. You can follow her three pets at @PitterPatterFurryFeet.

6 @Yuma_And_Laura

Similar to Suki, Yuma and Laura love to go on adventures. Think of this woman and cat duo as a tag team. The pair can be found roaming the Bavarian mountainside, taking pictures and soaking in the sites. It's not every day we see cats on leashes but Yuma does it in style.

Laura isn't afraid to dress Yuma up for the elements. She looks extra adorable in a raincoat. And with gorgeous scenery like Bavaria, it's easy to see why Yuma loves to nap in the soft sun while hiking with mom.


Here we have another powerful and thoughtful woman who takes the time to raise and foster kittens who need a home.

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Danielle Chavez looks for donors and adoptors via Instagram so that these cats find their forever home. She loves taking pictures of them right after they ate their food and their little beards get all dirty from eating. She also does a great job of educating people and updating followers on fostered kitties' progress as they mature and grow.


Look at that fuzzy bum! Cat mom Alesandra loves cats so much she's pretty sure she was a cat in a former life. With three kitties by her side, she loves to take pictures of the trouble they get into and the adventures they go on.

Her cats love to lounge outside and cuddle with Alesandra when they're not running around. The photography of her cats' eyes and fur are also too stunning to not give a like on IG.


Based out of Japan, following @Makicocomo means getting adorable pictures of kids and cats. As a family of three, Taco is their pride and joy and refuses to be in any photos unless someone is with her. I guess she's not a fan of the Instagram selfie phase?

When following this page, you can see the loving bond between human and cat. The way her two sons look at their cat Taco (and vice versa) is why pets are such a gift in the first place.


We have another foster cat family, folks. Found in the Bay Area, this cat mom is currently fostering nine (!) cats. Helping out Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue, whenever they have an overflow of kittens that need help finding a home, @FosterKittyFamily steps in.

This Instagram account loves to show her foster kitties playing around and getting comfortable. And as adorable as they are, they're up for adoption and she helps these loving cats find homes.


Shannon Ellis may be the most popular pet mom on Instagram. She doesn't just have one cat who is Insta-famous — she has seven!

She's the momager to Nala the Cat, White Coffee Cat, Luna Rose, Stella and Steve, Spencer, and Apollo. That's six cats and one dog. With so many popular pets (with millions of followers), Shannon is a busy woman. Luckily, her partner Pookie owns her animals with her, making it the nine of them against the world.

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