Driver Charged For Using Case Of Beer As Toddlers Booster Seat

A man in Ontario is in hot water after using a case of beer as a booster seat for his toddler. This should go without saying, but, this was a very bad idea. The Ontario Provincial Police charged the man, who is 22, after he was caught with his son in the front seat, sitting on the very makeshift "seat". He was charged as the child was not properly belted or secured in the vehicle, putting him at risk. The incident happened in Atwood, Ontario.

The police tweeted a photo of the scene, along with an info-graphic on car seat safety guidelines for the public's information. They stated that the 2-year-old child was safe and uninjured (thankfully!).

Apparently, when the man was stopped, Child Protective Services came and provided a proper car seat.

Car seat safety is a big deal, and it's imperative to be familiar with the most updates guidelines to ensure that your children are safe. In Ontario, where this incident occurred, children that are less than 40 lbs are required to be in a car seat. Older children that are over 40 lbs require a booster seat (a proper one) until they are 8 years old and 80 lbs.

It seems that in this case the man was trying to be inventive, however if there is one thing you don't just wing, it's the safety of your children. Especially in a vehicle, where they may be particularly at risk in an emergency.

At least the case was unopened and the man didn't incur additional charges for having open alcohol in the vehicle. It seems that he just had it there as a booster seat, which was a really terrible idea. The man's name has not been released. Let's hope this situation was a wake up call, and that he will get familiar with the proper car safety guidelines quick.

Child car safety guidelines are very important to know, and have saved so many children's lives. Because of the risk, it's imperative to follow them properly, and not cut corners when it comes to keeping your little ones safe in the vehicle.

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