This Mom Bought Out A Whole Payless Shoesource To Help Kids In Need

An Arkansas mom just bought out a whole Payless Shoesource, surprising everyone, including herself. The spontaneous act of generosity was meant to help kids in need.

The discount shoe store recently filed bankruptcy and is holding going out of business sales at its multiple locations. The formerly popular shoe retailer is now liquidating all of its merchandise. When Carrie Jernigan took her three kids shopping this May, she had no idea that she would play a major role in helping the store clear its shelves.

Jernigan took her children to the mall to buy shoes, and they stopped by Payless to check out the huge sale. It was her oldest daughter's kind-hearted idea that set everything in motion.

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The girl saw a pair of Avengers sneakers and pointed them out to her mom. They reminded her of a boy in her class who loved The Avengers, and who also needed new shoes badly. She asked if she could buy him the shoes.

*UPDATE* First, let me say this response has been amazing. What I learned is that lots of towns, churches and...

Posted by Carrie Jernigan on Monday, July 22, 2019

Since Jernigan's daughter didn't know her classmate's shoe size, she almost dropped the idea. But her generosity sparked in idea in Jernigan's mind.

As the family checked out, Jernigan asked the clerk how much it would be to buy out the whole store. Although she was half-joking, the clerk could tell she might be serious and asked for Jernigan's phone number.

The Payless district manager called Jernigan later that day and they made a deal. Jernigan ended up with 1,500 pairs of shoes.

The family plans to throw a "back to school" party where every child can take home a pair of shoes. They hope to pay it forward and make sure every kid starts the new school year with a brand new pair of shoes.

We don't know what we love most about this story! Whether it's the way Jernigan modeled generosity to her children or the fact that her daughter sparked the idea by wanting to help a classmate, the whole thing just makes us smile!

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