Mom Shares Her Rant About The 'Itsy-Bitsy' Shorts For Girls At Target

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It feels like every summer, finding shorts for women and girls that fit well gets harder. You can't walk into a store without being inundated with oddly proportioned shorts, especially for girls. One mom is fed up, and took to Facebook to called out Target for not carrying shorts of varying lengths. The mom, Carolyn Moore is absolutely right, girls need more than just tiny shorts. We all know that Target's are usually pretty large. More often than not, the clothing sections take up a pretty decent amount of real estate. So, why is it that there aren't more options?

As Moore points out, not all girls like tiny shorts. Her daughter is athletic. Moore was going to Target to get shorts for her daughter to take to basketball camp. Teeny tiny shorts are not comfortable if you're running up and down a basketball court.

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But this isn't just about athletics. Some girls don't feel comfortable in short shorts. Young girls and tweens are at a point in their life where their bodies are changing. For a girl who may be developing faster than her peers, she may not want to show off those parts of her body. And tiny shorts leave little to the imagination. Or what about a young transgender child? How can they feel safe wearing such tiny shorts that will be difficult to fit into? They should have access to the same cute clothes without fear.

"I don’t fancy myself a prude, but neither do I take the responsibility to teach my daughters about modesty and appropriate dress lightly. We live in a culture sexualized enough as it is; I wish I could go shopping for my tween and not have to worry about her backside or her underwear showing in a pair of athletic shorts," Moore writes.

Clothing isn't just a means of covering our bodies, it is also a part of self expression. Not everyone chooses to express themselves the same way. Stores, especially big box stores like Target, need to be better about making sure that anyone can walk in and find something that they not only feel comfortable in, but something that is a reflection of who they are.

In the end, Carolyn Moore found shorts for her daughter to take to camp...in the boys department. This is simply unacceptable. Girls shouldn't have to leave their own clothing section because they can't find something that suits their tastes/needs.

Dear Target, You know I love you...but we need to talk about tween girls for a minute. More specifically, we need to...

Posted by Assignment: Mom on Sunday, July 8, 2018

"Consider the challenge issued: it’s time to do better by our tween girls."

Target is a big influencer. If they begin to carry a wider variety of shorts, then other stores would have to follow suit.

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