Carlin Bates Slammed For Sharing 'Insensitive' Photo Of Joy-Anna Duggar

Carlin Bates and Joy Anna Duggar

Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna Duggar have been best friends for a very long time. The women are both part of large, uber-religious families, and both have done a lot of their growing up in front of the camera, with both families having their own reality shows. While the women have been there for each other throughout the years, some are calling out Carlin for being 'insensitive' for her recent birthday post dedicated to her best friend.

Joy-Anna Duggar celebrated her 22nd birthday on October 28 and her best friend Carlin posted a sweet dedication to her on Instagram, but many fans are questioning the photo that Carlin chose to use. Carlin's message was super sweet, writing, "From kids playing in the dirt, to walking down the aisle, to becoming mommies ... You have been my best friend through it all! I don’t know where I’d be without you! You’ve been there to laugh with me and to cry with me. You’ve encouraged me and challenged me. You’ve been the best friend anyone could ever hope to have! Happy birthday, Joy! Love you big!"

The picture was taken at Carlin's wedding and showed the two best friends smiling for the camera, with both of their hands resting lightly on Joy-Anna's baby bump. In light of Joy-Anna's tragic miscarriage at 20 weeks, some are saying that Carlin was out of line to use the pregnancy picture of her best friend in her birthday post.

Carlin's fans were quick to take to the comments section to express exactly how they felt over her photo choice. "Incredibly insensitive photo choice Carlin," wrote one unimpressed fan, while another chimed in writing, "Im a huge fan but perhaps you could've left out the picture of Joy last pregnancy??? I'm sure it's not easy for her to see. Just saying." Another commenter agreed the photo was beautiful but was perhaps in bad taste. "Beautiful friendship but sadly I wouldn’t have used this picture since Joy lost her baby. I understand it was a happy moment for Carlin to share with her best friend.. but has to be difficult for Joy."

Joy herself didn't seem to mind at all, responding to the post writing, "THANK YOU, CARLIN!!!! I love you more than I can express!!" Fans will remember that Carlin was quick to be with her best friend when she had her miscarriage, even doing her hair and makeup in the hospital when Joy-Anna and Austin had their pictures taken with their daughter, Annabel.

Others were quick to come to Carlin's defense, with one fan writing "I'm pretty positive Carlin thought about Joy's feelings when she posted this. She may have asked if it was okay, and I'm sure if she felt it would be hurtful in any way she would have chosen another picture," while another added, "Joy and Carlin are best friends! I’m sure Carlin wouldn’t post a picture like this if it wasn’t ok with Joy."

Do you think posting a photo like this is insensitive, or would you have no issues with it?

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