This Mom Made A Dress For Her Daughter Using The Shirt Her Husband Wore The Day She Was Born

Oh goodness, this is such a cute idea! There are so many ways to capture the memories we have of our babies being born. Pictures, videos, hand print and foot print mementos: every family has at least one piece of that life-changing moment tucked away somewhere. But what if you could turn that memory into something your child can use when they get older? One mom had the brilliant idea to turn the shirt her husband wore on the day their daughter was born into an adorable little dress for her. It's the kind of memory that will last a lifetime, and with one of these keepsake dresses, you can have a tangible part of it forever.

Carli Grant is a mama who has a real talent. She loves to sew, and uses those talents to make the sweetest dresses for her daughter, Amelia. She was getting ready to make a new dress for Amelia when she turned to her husband's closet for fabric inspiration. There, she found the Buffalo plaid shirt Josh wore on the day little Amelia was born. She decided to turn that flannel button down into a dress for their daughter, and surprised Josh with it when he got home.

Josh says that when he came home and saw Amelia in her new dress, he was overcome with emotion! It was then that Carli realized she was onto something really special. She started Refashioned Dresses, where customers can send in special pieces of clothing and have them turned into memorable frocks for their little ones. Right now, Carli is only making dresses, but hopes to add boys' clothing to the website down the line.

When you order a dress from Carli, you can choose between two styles, or work with her team to come up with a different design. Once you've ordered your dress and picked out the shirt you'd like to use, you'll receive a full ordering package. It has prepaid postage and a measuring tape to get your child's measurements. Send it all back to Refashioned Dresses, and in about two weeks, you'll have a one-of-a-kind dress made of memories. The dresses come in newborn to 5T, and are $39.99. What an amazing concept!

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