This Record-Breaking Rollercoaster Just Opened And It Looks Insane

The newest roller coaster to open at Canada's Wonderland, an amusement park near Toronto, Ontario, is one that is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you love the thrills and speed of roller coasters or consider yourself the daredevil type, you may want to take a trip to the amusement park to give the Yukon Striker a try, but only if you think climbing 245 feet in the air to hang over a 90-degree drop for three breathtaking seconds sounds like a fun way to spend a day.

The Yukon Striker is officially the "the longest, fastest and tallest dive roller coaster in the world," according to Canada's Wonderland, and the ride is now open for all park goers to enjoy. Once you reach the 245 foot climb the roller coaster then dives suddenly, reaching speeds of 130 kilometers an hour, which is approximately 80 mph. The ride features the only full 360-degree loop featured on any dive coaster in the world. To make the ride even more thrilling, riders sit suspended in the stadium seats with no floor to rest their legs, so while they're climbing and diving and spinning they're doing it all with their feet dangling below them! The stadium seating and lack of flooring also give riders an enhanced view of the ride and the park below them.

The coaster, designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, features three trains that can accommodate 24 riders each and has four inversions throughout the 3,625-foot track. It will take you a thrilling 3-minutes and 25-seconds to ride the Yukon Striker if you're brave enough. In a statement Norm Pirtovshek, the general manager of Canada's Wonderland couldn't help but gush over the park's latest thrilling attraction. "The ride on Yukon Striker is absolutely breathtaking," he said. "At its summit, you'll experience three seconds of complete exhilaration as you stare directly down 245 feet at 90 degrees into an underwater tunnel."

Credit: Canada's Wonderland

Like any good roller coaster, there's a story behind the Yukon Striker that starts in 1897 when men and women have flocked to "the untamed wilderness of northwestern Canada" in search of the promise of gold. "Among the lawless boom towns and outposts, only a few will succeed in this quest for glory. A Golden Eagle soars high on the winds watching the perilous hunt. Who will endure the longest journey? Who will conquer the tallest mountain pass, the treacherous terrain and rise worthy of the name YUKON STRIKER…."

If you don't think you'll be able to get to Wonderland this season to check the Yukon Striker out for yourself, or maybe you're not that much of a daredevil, the park has released a video that shows the ride from the point of view of a rider. Would you be brave enough to ride the Yukon Striker?

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