A Boozy Ice Cream Camp Exists, So Maybe Send Yourself To Camp This Summer

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Moms will have a different reason to scream for ice cream this summer - or at least book a ticket to the Big Apple. In addition to ice pops filled with frozen vodka at Costco and wine-flavored gummy bears, moms now have a third and tasty excuse to chill and relax with yet another boozy-infused treat. That’s because there’s a new alcoholic ice cream flavor available and just in time for the summer heat. But there’s one catch: it’s only available in New York City.

Glamping company Camp Arlo is partnering with Tipsy Scoop and Muddling Memories to offer an exciting, fun and unique Boozy Ice Cream Pop Up Barlour.

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Some of the tipsy-scoop flavors include the "Some Spike it Hot" with Tipsy Scoop's Tequila Mexican "Hot" Chocolate flavor, the "Young Grasshopper" with the Spiked Mint Chip, and the "Enchanted Rose" with the Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet. There’s also a “Young Grasshoper” ice cream cocktail that perhaps tastes as interesting as it sounds.. It has bothTipsy Scoop's spiked Mint Chip ice cream, and DŌ cookie dough.

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This isn’t the first time that Camp Arlo has introduced a boozy way to enjoy a sugary treat in their secret, cozy tents in the middle of Soho. Back in January, the company teamed up with The Soho House to provide guests with warm cocktails such as boozy hot chocolate, hot toddies and flavored shotskis provided by Arlo Liquor Bar.And of course, a one-of-a-kind s’mores kit, too.

Camp Arlo is a hot spot for locals looking for a place to simply relax with friends after work. In addition to being the only place that you can get an alcoholic ice cream in the city, Camp Arlo offers cozy tent with lounge chairs and the perfect pit stop before heading home, or a great way to spend time with girlfriends.

If you are looking to stop by in New York City this summer, the portable cart will be open at Camp Arlo from 2-9 pm on weekdays and 12-9 pm on weekends. You must be at least 21 to order and have a valid I.D. for purchase.

Unfortunately, for out-of-staters, Arlo is the only location outside of Tipsy Scoop's brick and mortar storefront in Kips Bay where the boozy ice cream can be purchased.

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