Cameron Boyce's Parents' PSA To Raise Epilepsy Awareness

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Between the "Jessie" series, on the Disney Channel, and the "Descendants" movies, kids loved Cameron Boyce. The actor and dancer kept them laughing for years, and his death in July 2019 was a sad event for all.

It must've been difficult to explain, to young kids, how a 20-year-old healthy young man could go to bed one day and not wake up the next. But even more than that, the suffering Cameron's parents were facing was a tragedy the had never thought would become a reality. Just four months after losing their child, Victor and Libby Boyce have become advocates. They starred in a public service announcement to spread awareness on epilepsy; the disorder that took their son's life.

Cameron Boyce and his parents Libby and Victor Boyce
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Epilepsy is an enigma to many. It affects 3.4 million people who have unprovoked seizures that many times are hard to prevent and treat. Epilepsy can be caused by: a genetic condition, getting hit on the head, a brain tumor, a disease or even an electrolyte imbalance, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Sometimes parents just have to be there and watch their child go through a seizure and wait until it stops. Some medications help, but there are risks such as falls or choking during an event, that aren't preventable with medication.

Parents with diagnosed children will suffer, but learn to cope with having to deal with seizures. While a genetic link might mean that this children have to deal with the condition their entire lives, there is hope in new research and strides in medical care.

The Boyce's outreach and advocacy contributes a great deal to the awareness of the issue. That means more funding for research, and more hope for patients who have very little answers on how to deal with their condition.

As much as they miss their son, Victor and Libby are finding their purpose in the Cameron Boyce Foundation. They are coping with their loss meanwhile, making a difference in the community at large. Cameron himself was an advocate. He worked to raise awareness and funds to provide clean water in communities around the world. We're certain he's proud that his parents are doing their part in leading for a cause he deeply cared about.

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