Caitlyn Jenner Accidentally Posted A Picture Of Kendall To Wish Kylie A Happy Birthday

Any parent with more than one child knows that sometimes you get their names confused. It doesn't matter what gender your children are, they will no doubt get called by their sibling's name a handful of times in their lives, and those odds increase the more children a family has. While mistakenly calling your child the wrong name is super common, it's not quite as common to wish them a happy birthday on social media and post a picture of the wrong child!

Caitlyn Jenner has six children, so it seems reasonable that sometimes she may mix up a name or two, but she recently posted a picture wishing youngest child Kylie Jenner a happy 22nd birthday, and people couldn't help but point out that the picture she posted wasn't of Kylie! Jenner mistakenly posted a picture of a young Kendall Jenner, Kylie's older sister, in the sweet birthday post.

While Caitlyn has since removed the incorrect photo, Instagram page Here For The Tea captured it before it was taken down. The picture is a sweet throwback featuring Caitlyn with her young daughter, only the picture is of Kendall, not Kylie! "Life was so simple back then, but life is so good today. Happy birthday to my little baby @kyliejenner,” Caitlyn captioned the pic. Oops!

The response online was swift with many calling out Caitlyn for posting the wrong daughter in her picture, and she must also have realized pretty quickly because she promptly removed the picture and changed her birthday tribute to a post featuring both Kendall and Kylie. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Happy birthday @kyliejenner

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Kylie celebrated her 22nd birthday while on a superyacht in Italy and Instagrammed much of the festivities. Jenner brought along her daughter Stormi and longtime love Travis Scott as well as her mom Kris Jenner, Scott Disick and his girlfriend Sofia Richie.

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22 🌻💗✨✨

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The entrepreneurial billionaire has been posting endless snaps of her Italian tour with her friends and family, and it clearly looks like she's been having the time of her life.

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My babyyyy😍😍😍💗💗💗

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While Jenner didn't appear to have invited Caitlyn along in this birthday trip, she was at Kylie's 21st birthday bash last year that was held at Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood. While Caitlyn may have mixed up a picture in a birthday post, she is clearly proud of her daughter and loves to lend her support on social media.

At least Caitlyn changed the pictures once she realized her mistake!

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