This Short Video Shows Why C-Section Recovery Is Crucial For New Moms

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For some unknown reason, the way a person gives birth is a hot conversation topic. Frankly, the way a person chooses to give birth is the business of them and their physician, but we all know people feel entitled to an opinion. Some will argue that parents who have a c-section, whether planned or not, have somehow had an easier go of labor and delivery. Anyone who has had a c-section will tell you that's totally untrue. And now there's a video that shows exactly what a c-section does to the body. There is no way that's the easy way out.

Having a c-section is major surgery. If your body is being cut open, that is definitely the harder option. As the video shows, there are eight layers of the body doctors are working through to get to your baby. EIGHT.

Anatomy of a c-section

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After getting through the skin and fat, doctors cut through the fascia, the dense covering on things like veins, arteries and organs. The comes the abdominal muscles and the peritoneum, which is a membrane lining the abdominal cavity to protect those organs. Once they're in there, they have to move the bladder, cut through the uterus and amniotic sac to get to the baby.

And when the baby is out, everything is stitched back up. Then there's a two to three day hospital stay to make sure there are no complications from surgery like organ damage or rupturing stitches. Once the doctor clears it, then they're allowed to go home, where it's is many weeks of healing. Thankfully, they are given medication for the pain, but you can't take too much while you're taking care of a newborn.

Healing from birth isn't easy by any means, no matter what kind of delivery you have. But if you take into account everything that happens to the body during a c-section, the recovery time is significantly longer. Imagine having your stomach literally cut open and rearranged, and then having to be a functioning parent as your body heals from that. Then add on top of that all of the things that come with recovering from birth, like your uterus contracting again, not being able to poop, etc. And you can't even lift things because you could damage your healing incision.

Nothing about labor and delivery is easy. Bringing a child into the world is insanely hard. But to say that having a c-section is somehow the easier option is simply untrue. There is no way that after seeing the video you can still believe that. Birth is hard. But we must stop trying to reduce the experience of those who have c-sections. It's not far.

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