You Can Now Buy The Original 'Sweet Valley High' Books

Before we had '90s teen TV gems like Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210, girls everywhere could dive into the drama-packed California social circles of Sweet Valley High's Wakefield twins. Author Francine Pascal had a hit on her hands beginning with the very first book, Double Love, published in 1984.

There are 181 Sweet Valley High books in total, not to mention spin-off series like Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twins, and Sweet Valley University, with each page-turner soapier than the next. While our kids may grow up reading on a tablet, there was nothing quite like re-reading well-worn copies of this beloved series, experiencing the unbelievable escapades of these seemingly perfect beauties.

Now a company wants to make sure you can relive all of your favorite Sweet Valley moments the way in which they were originally intended to be enjoyed -- via paperback in their now vintage form.

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AlwaysFits.com, a female owned-and-operated online gift destination, scoured the globe for original copies of the Sweet Valley books, accruing a collection that would make your 10-year-old self weep with joy.

"This is my own passion project," explains AlwaysFits president Ashley Judge in an interview with Parents.com. "Born in 1982, mommy to a 5-year-old girl, lover of rainbows and the 80’s, I’m just so obsessed with 80’s books! We’ve spent the past year literally scouring the globe for vintage Sweet Valley High and vintage 80’s teen books—we have THOUSANDS! The collection we've amassed is the stuff that 80's teen dreams are made of!"

Essentially, if you want to really relive this time of your life, these paperback copies both look, read, and feel like the '80s. Judge notes that because these are pre-owned and pre-loved, many look a bit worn and may even have highlighted passages or notes in the margins. Frankly, we think this adds to the nostalgia of it all, offering a peek inside what fascinated a fellow Sweet Valley High lover back in the day.

Don't we all wish we could have hung out with Elizabeth, Jessica, and their crew of attractive pals, each representing a different school click that felt all too familiar?

And, by the by, if you're wondering how Pascal cranked out so many books over the decades, she actually presided over a team of ghostwriters whose Sweet Valley smarts created the cohesive collection.

Now if only we could get real-life twins and actresses Brittany and Cynthia Daniel to reprise their roles as the Wakefields for a revival of the TV series based on the books. If Judge could make that her next passion project we'd be forever grateful.

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