This School District Is Using New Bus Technology To Keep Kids Safer

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There's no denying that school buses are incredibly convenient. So many families would struggle to get their kids to school and pick them up everyday if it wasn't for those big yellow buses! Plus, kids usually love riding the bus, and use the time to socialize, unwind, or get that homework assignment done before they have to turn it in. School buses are generally very safe, but really, there's no such thing as too safe when you're transporting our most precious cargo, right?

As technology gets better and improves so many different areas of our life, it was only a matter of time before school districts started employing some of that amazing tech in school buses. One school district in Indiana is testing some amazing new technology in their buses, in an effort to make them as safe as possible for their students.

Clark-Pleasant Schools in Whitehead, Indiana is using some industry-leading technology in two of their buses that is designed to improve safety features and functionality. It's part of a free pilot program with the company that manufactures their buses, IC Bus and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. The new features are focused on speed-monitoring and crash prevention, but there are also a couple of features that will help ease parents concerns.

The technology will keep the bus from following another vehicle too closely, and it brakes automatically if the car in front of the bus slows down. There's also a stabilization feature, which will prevent the bus from tipping over in the event of an accident. It beeps at the driver if the bus veers out of its lane, and it will slow the bus down automatically if the driver goes over the speed limit.

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In addition to the mechanical safety features, the district is testing a couple of safety features inside the bus, too. They've added eight cameras inside of every bus, as well as a 911 button for emergencies. Plus, the buses are equipped with a GPS unit that parents can check using an app, so they can know where the bus is at all times.

The Clark-Pleasant is hoping to eventually add the new technology to all 70 of its buses. And hopefully, other districts around the country will follow suit and start taking steps to use the same technology in their student transportation.

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