Bus Driver Kicked 3 First Graders Off The Bus And Left Them

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A terrifying experience for both child and mother happened in Georgia about three weeks ago. The mother is demanding answers and wants justice, but sadly it doesn't seem like the school district is trying to investigate the situation.

Johneisha Waller told WSB-TV Atlanta Channel 2that her 6-year-old daughter came home two hours late from school. Whatsmore, she wasn't the only first grader to suffer such negligence. The bus driver responsible for these children had kicked out three first graders from the bus, because they were being disruptive and drove off. They were scared and confused. But instead of just standing there, these kids tapped into their subconscious survival skills and began walking home. Along their walk, a good Samaritan found it strange to see such young children walking alone and offered to take them home. Thankfully, they arrived home safe and sound.

school bus
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Waller said, "I just thank God that she came home safely." This could've been a turn-for-the-worst. Waller went to Fairington Elementary School with no success, then to the Department of School Transportation in hopes of receiving some answers. The Supervisor of Transportation stated that the bus driver was suppose to drop off the kids at the school, where administrators would've cared for them. However, that did not occur. There has been no news on whether or not the bus driver will be fired. The mother is absolutely furious, and rightfully so, at the fact nothing is being done about this incident.

Johneisha Waller is grateful and would like to thank the kind-hearted stranger for bringing home these children. She hopes she, and her child, will never have to encounter another experience as this one.

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