Burger King's Halloween-Themed Black Slushie Has Backfired In A Weird Way

burger king slushie

In the world of limited-time promotional items, brands and companies often find that you win some and you lose some. In the case of Burger King's latest Halloween-themed dessert creation, there have been some truly unfortunate (and totally weird) results that may make the fast food chain rethink the concept for next year.

Burger King introduced a Scary Black Cherry Slushie for the creepiest time of year that is actually pitch black in color. If you could freeze charcoal, it would probably look like the stuff you'll find in this cup. It's a cool concept in theory if you're into all things Halloween and balk at the brightly-colored unicorn-themed drinks Starbucks occasionally hawks.

But what goes in a distinct color must come out a distinct color, right? Thrillist recently reported customers are detailing some pretty gnarly-hued things happening in the bathroom after ingesting the Scary Black Cherry Slushie.

Just take a look at the following tweet:

Talk about an eek-worthy experience. Although that guy doesn't seem to mind.

Not everyone is excited about the results. Apparently they forgot about another culinary experiment the chain tried a few years ago that produced something similar. We're talking about the black-bunned Whopper. There were tales of the same oddities in the bathroom that were discovered but they were a bit more of a surprise back then. By now, consumers should be a little more accustomed to the idea that food unnatural in color is going to lead to unnaturally-colored, er, excrement.

So far, Burger King and its customers seem to be having fun with the super strange slushie.

In some ways we have to give it up to Burger King. While most chains would hop on the pumpkin spice bandwagon with a slushie based on that incredibly popular flavor combo, the hamburger purveyors decided to go with something entirely different. Other brands are zigging and BK is zagging, which does equal a ton of publicity. Assuming they're totally cool with that publicity involving what's happening in the loo after customers consume their products, then it's a win for them...and anyone interested in such digestive experiments.



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