Build-A-Bear Is Bringing Back 'Pay Your Age' Day With A Twist

You may remember that last year Build-A-Bear hosted a "pay your age" day that didn't exactly go smoothly. In fact, it was what some may call a "disaster". Parents and children waited in line for hours, with thousands being turned away after many of the stores, unable to keep up with the massive demand, simply closed their doors.

Well, Build-A-Bear is bringing back their "pay your age" day only this time there are a few new rules that will hopefully allow the entire event to run much smoother. Those who want to pay their age simply can't just show up at a store, instead, they will be required to enter for a chance to pay their age. From June 11-16 those who are interested can sign up online through the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club rewards program where they will be entered for a chance to win a birthday party experience as well as having the chance to win a ticket for the Pay Your Age event happening from June 24 through June 28.

While this year's event won't reach the chaos that many experienced last year, the store is still expecting more than 200,000 guests worldwide to earn a Pay Your Age ticket. The ticket will enable the guest to visit their local Build-A-Bear Workshop during the set redemption period to make their very own furry friend. Ten people will also win a Build-A-Bear birthday party valued at up to $250 they can redeem anytime in the coming year.

Entries must be received by June 16th and entrants will be notified by June 21 via email if they have won a ticket or not. You must be a bonus club member to enter. You can also join the Count Your Candles club where members only pay the age they are turning for a specific Birthday Treat Bear. Kids can come in any day during their birthday month for this promotion.

Hopefully, this new process will allow more children to be able to create their very own custom bear at a reasonable price without their parents risk getting into fistfights while waiting in line! People clearly love a bargain as much as they love being able to provide a memorable experience for their children so this new system seems like it will be able to provide both.

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