Build-A-Bear Just Announced a 'Pay Your Age Day' Sale

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Build-a-Bear is running a great promotion for just one day this week. According to the company, they are offering their first annual a “pay your age” day on Thursday, July 12th.

According to their website, the minimum price for the bears and all of the other stuffed animals will be $1, and adults can pay the age of their children who are with them in the store.For example, if you have a 2-year-old, you pay just $2 for their Build-a-Bear. If you have a 5-year-old, you pay $5. And if you happen to be 28-years-old and want your own Build-a-Bear – then you guessed it – you’ll be paying $28. Although the company will cap off the prices at 29, if you happen to be much older and still want a bear of your own.

Guests who visit the store in the United States or the United Kingdom on that day can pay their current age in dollars (U.S. and Canada) or pounds (U.K) for ANY make your-own furry friend available in the store.

The promotion will also involve popular licensed characters like those from Star Wars and Marvel.It’s also noted that accessories are sold separately. But with all the money you will be saving with your bear (especially if you have a a young toddler), then you’ll be able to take this opportunity to splurge a little on matching outfits for your child and his or her bear.

In addition, the new promotion is a launch event for Build-A-Bear’s new “Count Your Candles” birthday program in which customers age 14 and under will receive a free Birthday Treat bear on their big day.

But before you head to your nearest Build-a-Bear workshops, there are a few things to keep in mind. To participate, parents or guardians over the age of 18 must first enroll in the free Build-a-Bear Bonus Club rewards program or provide an email address and name so that a guest, who is present at the time of the purchase, can pay his or her age for a furry friend.

If lines are too long Thursday, you can purchase your unstuffed furry friend and come back later to enjoy the full Build-a-Bear experience. Build-A-Bear has more than 400 stores worldwide.

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