Build-A-Bear Comes Up With Perfect Solution For ‘Pay Your Age’ Day Fail


If you for some reason haven't heard, Build-A-Bear had a major disaster recently that caused not only some negative press but some unhappy customers. Their CEO had announced that if you visited a store last week that all you had to do was ‘Pay Your Age’ for your purchase, instead of the pretty hefty price tag that goes along with a visit. Sounds like a dream for a parent, right? Wrong.

It resulted in insane lines, people waiting for 5 hours or more and some really angry customers. Some locations handed out $15 off coupons for people who had waited in line for hours, likely with their screaming kids, just to be turned away. Stores were running out of stock and clerks were growing frustrated -- along with the parents. With this turning out to be a huge fail instead of it's predicted success, the brand has finally announced a solution, as a way to make it up to their consumers.

Thank goodness, because Build-A-Bear really needed a win after what happened last week with thousands of people (yes, thousands) waiting in line with no bear to take home.

So to resolve this issue, the brand has announced a new and very similar program called them “Count Your Candles” program. All you have to do is create a free Build-A-Bear Bonus Club member account online and if you bring your child to the Build-A-Bear store anytime during their birthday month, they can pay their age for the Birthday Treat Bear, which normally costs $14.

Okay, so the program isn't exactly the same, as in your kiddo won't be walking away with their dream animal, but it sure does beat waiting in hours and hours of lines. And as an added bonus, Build-A-Bear really makes things extra special for kids whenever it's their birthday month. Whenever they come into the store to take advantage of the program, they get to partake in a special birthday heart ceremony, a birthday cake photo op, they get a special birthday sticker, party hat, and get to ring the “Birthday Bell.”

Sounds pretty cute to us. And of course, saving money is always the way to go because kids are expensive.

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