Build-A-Bear Is Launching A New Subscription Box

Does your little one constantly beg you for a trip to Build-A-Bear? Have you lost count of how many custom-made stuffed animals your kiddo has in their bedroom? Do the staff members know you by name when you walk into the workshop? If so, this news is for you! Build-A-Bear recently teamed up with CultureFly to develop a quarterly subscription box for kids who are borderline obsessed with their little furry buddies. While your kiddo may not get to make their own stuffed animal with this subscription box, they will still get a brand new friend with each delivery.

According to the Cubscription website, a new box is delivered every season (four times a year) and contains "6-8 custom-made, exclusive Build-A-Bear items that you can't get in stores or anywhere else! This includes a new stuffed animal in every box, complete with clothing and accessories for both you and your furry friend!"

So, basically, your kiddo who is already completely in love with Build-A-Bear will not only get new friends but will also get to wear matching clothes with them. Also, each box comes with accessories like tote bags, sunglasses, jewelry, and keychains as well as extras like notebooks, crafts, stickers, toys, posters, and more.

You can currently sign up for a subscription and your child will receive their first box in December, which is themed "Magical Winter". From there, you can decide if you want to pay for the subscription quarterly or go ahead and sign up for the annual subscription (which includes a special birthday box for your little one).

The best part about this box is that all of the items in each shipment are not sold in stores, so it's a special experience for your kiddo. Each box will have unique items that represent the season it is delivered in, so get ready for cute winter scenes, springtime sunshine, summer fun, and fall festivities!

Since the box is brand new, there aren't any sample boxes to check out just yet. However, CultureFly has developed similar boxes for brands like LOL Surprise and JoJo Siwa so anyone who is interested in signing up for the Cubscription can check out the quality (and fun) items the company has included in those boxes.

Looks like you can check off an item on your kid's Christmas wish list early - and from the comfort of your own home!

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