A Man Put Up An Electric Fence To Keep Kids Off His Property

stay off grass

Listen, we'll be the first to admit that kids can be pills sometimes. Even our own! They don't always listen or do as we ask. As they get older, they get sassier and and their attitude gets a bit more forceful. They're loud and messy and sometimes they smell pretty gross. Plus, when they're traveling in groups, they're like a thousand times worse! There's something about a pack of tweens or teens that's enough to get anyone's hackles up.

But, we let a lot slide, because well, they're KIDS. Yes, they are all the things we mentioned above, but those things are some of what make them pretty cool. But if you're not super fond of kids, we can certainly see how they would annoy you on a daily basis if you had to deal with them. However, there's a right way to deal with kids and all their flaws, and then there's the way THIS guy handled his gripes with neighborhood kids who wouldn't stay off his lawn. This seems ... just a little extreme.

Bryan Tucker of Virginia was tired of kids walking on his lawn after they exited the bus at a nearby bus stop after school everyday. He says he'd tried putting up a sign to deter them, but they either didn't notice or didn't care. Tucker got tired of kids littering, fighting, and cursing on his property. So he did what any normal person would do! Just kidding! He went in the extreme opposite direction of normal and reasonable, and erected an electric fence around his property. Yes, you read that right: a man put up a fence that delivers an electric shock when touched to keep kids, ACTUAL KIDS, off his property.

Parents in the surrounding area were obviously concerned. Honestly, it's a bit of an overreaction, not to mention incredibly dangerous! It would be so easy for a kid to accidentally brush up against it, or fall or get knocked into it, and get the jolt of a lifetime.

Unfortunately for Tucker, his loaded fence didn't last long. As it turns out, he got a little overzealous when putting the fence up, and ended up erecting it on county property. Officials told him he would have to move the fence back by 18 feet in order for it to be legal. So Tucker had to take his fence down, and he's not sure he'll be putting it back up. He feels like maybe kids got the message the first time. We bet his house is a real riot at Halloween.

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