Officer Tickets Mom For Her Son’s Potty Training Emergency

little boy peed his pants

While every child considers their “potty emergency” to be a real reason why their parents should stop, drop, and let their kids relieve themselves, there are law enforcement officers that don’t think the same. One officer recently slapped a mother with a ticket for disorderly conduct after her son peed in a parking lot.

A mother by the name of Brooke Johns says that she now faces jail time over the fact that her 3-year-old son Cohen peed in a parking lot. That’s because he couldn’t make it to a gas station toilet on time.

According to PEOPLE, the expectant mother is facing 60 days in jail after she was issued a citation for her son’s “disorderly conduct.” Johns was driving home through heavy traffic in Augusta, Georgia in late March when her son cried that he had to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, she had a difficult time maneuvering through the heavy traffic while her son was putting pressure on her to find the nearest bathroom. It’s a situation that many parents have been in themselves.

“I was like, ‘Well hold on!’ and he’s like, ‘No! I’ve got to pee! I’ve got to really pee,’” Johns recalled. “And I’m like, ‘Baby, there’s nowhere for me to go.’ And he says, ‘Momma, I’m about to pee in my pants!’”

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Posted by Meredith Anderson WRDW on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Johns said that while she did make it to a gas station, there wasn’t enough time to make it inside to use the restroom. Because Cohen is still in his potty training stage, Johns was worried that her toddler was going to relieve himself in his pants. She also said that she was unable to carry him in her arms because of her pregnancy.

She later took to her Facebook account to talk about the incident:

When a cop humiliates you so bad over not trying to discourage your son with potty training :( He literally had my son...

Posted by Brooke Schnitzler Johns on Friday, March 29, 2019

“He was peeing before his pants were even all the way down, so obviously he had to go,” said Johns.

Nearby, a Richmond County Sheriff’s deputy watched the entire incident unfold. Johns said that the deputy asked her to take her son to the bathroom, but it was already too late. He issued her a disorderly conduct citation on the spot.

The citation said, “Subject allowed her 2 year old male child to urinate in the parking lot. I observed the male’s genitals and the urination. Public restrooms are offered at the location.”

Mom or parent of boys....... How many of you have done this... Drive down the road and your son at a young age....

Posted by Brooke Schnitzler Johns on Friday, March 29, 2019

Johns defends her actions, adding that her son wasn’t in clear view of the public and that she would have ran to the nearest bathroom on any other given day. But because her son couldn’t hold it any longer, the expectant mother felt as though she had no choice but to allow her son to urinate in the parking lot.

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