Mom Goes Viral For Saying You Should Aspire To Be A Lazy Parent

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If you are a frequent social media user, which who are we kidding, is pretty much everyone these days - you're familiar with the uber popular hashtag #parentinggoals. We use it to describe accomplishments, things we strive for in our mom lives or just to be downright humorous. This mom has taken those parenting goals to a whole new level with her lazy parenting style and says that it's something we should all strive for. Honestly, she's so spot on that we're not arguing.

Mom, Brooke Hampton, and owner of the Holy Flow Parenting Facebook page as well as owning a blog, Barefoot Five, calls herself a "lazy mom" and looks at it as a perfectly good thing.

Recently, she shared a photo online that has now gone viral, of her 13-year-old daughter, sitting with a notebook and pen on her lap, surrounded by receipts, apparently doing some major number crunching. “She handles our household grocery budget each month. I was shocked at how many messages I got telling me she was too young to have so much responsibility,” wrote the mom of three.

Lazy parents raise better kids I posted a photo of our 13 year old doing her end of the month calculations. She...

Posted by Holy Flow Parenting on Sunday, July 1, 2018

So this "lazy mom" title that has been given to her that she has fully embraced, is taken as a compliment. “Well, they can judge me all they want, but I’m preparing my kids not to need me. And I personally believe that’s the greatest gift I can give them.”

Boom. Genius thinking, right?

It might not be all sitting and reading and soaking in bubble baths like we're all imagining in our heads. Brooke explains that there really isn't anything lazy about it. Think about it: It will probably only take you a few minutes to wipe down the dinner table after a meal. But, teaching and guiding your preschooler how to do the same task will actually take you a lot longer. Definitely some food for thought there.

We feel this. It's important because we want our little ones to grow up to become well rounded, self-sufficient adults, who, like Brooke said, don't need us - but it takes many lessons to get them to that point. We can all probably agree that there is much more to this whole "lazy mom" thing that meets the eye and guiding our children through things like budgeting and managing households will be learned through experience at home - and it's up to us to make that happen.

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