This Mom’s Post About How Much Teachers Care Is Going Viral

It’s without a doubt that many teachers from across the nation go over and beyond for his or her students, especially when it comes to their emotional and of course, educational needs.

Brittany Manning Jackson began her post by saying that she spent at least $150 on school supplies for her two daughters, one that will be entering second grade and the other in Kindergarten. She admits that as a frugal penny pincher, her mind balked as her shopping cart began filling up with items such as glue sticks, scissors, composition books, and so much more.

But then she’s realized something that she’s never thought of before: that her daughters’ two teachers will end up spending much more money than the $150 she had in her cart. As a matter of fact, she adds that teachers will spend triple, if not more of that amount just because they often have to buy supplies for multiple kids at a time. After all, they don’t have just one or two children – they have a classroom full of kids that need the same amount of love, attention and crayons and pencils as everyone else.

Today I went school supply shopping for my daughters, one in Kindergarten, one in 2nd grade. I managed to get nearly...

Posted by Brittany Manning Jackson on Monday, July 9, 2018

In addition, the mother-of-two also noted that amount of patience that most teachers have when dealing with students and their often-challenging behavior, both in and outside of the classroom. Brittany says what most people think all the time, and that’s teachers don’t get the credit, or the financial compensation they need for all of the hard work they put in every year.

Brittany wrote, “When your child is a total snot, interrupts class, speaks out of turn, asks to go to the bathroom for the 87th time, and says "I'm bored".... their teacher is going to go home, maybe drink a glass of wine, get up the next morning, and teach your child as if the day before never happened. Your child's teacher doesn’t just have 2 children.... they have 15...or more. And they love them. Protect them. Guide them. Pray for them. Your child's teacher is a blessing. Their school is a blessing. This... this cost, is nothing."

Brittany ended her note by saying that she is truly thankful for the opportunity to go school shopping, after realizing that not everyone can afford the same basic school needs that she can. What’s more, she also realizes just how much teachers care and the lengths they go to in making sure that every child in their classroom has the tools they need to succeed. Her post has so far gone viral, with many people on Facebook sharing it over 60,000 times.

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