Britney Spears Puts On Makeup To Work Out & Gets Dragged By Haters

If you follow Britney Spears on Instagram you know that she often posts mini-videos of her daily workouts. The pop princess has a slamming body and clearly puts in a lot of time at the gym to get those abs and defined muscles and she loves sharing her workout routines with her fans. Spears recently posted a workout video where she's working on her "six-pack" but instead of focusing on her gym circuit people are more concerned about her eye makeup.

In a recent video, Spears speaks to the camera saying "OK, so winter is coming and I need to get into my skinny jeans," she says. "So, I am going to be getting on the treadmill today for 20 minutes," she explains. "And then after that," Britney adds. "I am going to do abs and focus on getting a six-pack. So, here I go!"

The video then follows Spears as she gets skinny jean ready and works on her six-pack abs.

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Skinny jeans 👖 🐠👖here I come !!!

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While many of her over 22 million followers were watching for workout inspo, others took to the comments section to comment on the fact that Spears appears to be wearing a lot of heavy black eye makeup to workout.

"I LOVE YOU BUT ENOUGH WITH YESTERDAYS UNDER EYE LINER, I can’t!!!" wrote one fan. "Day 36 britney's make up still hasn't washed off," wrote another. "She looks like she sleeps with her mascara on," commented another fan. One commenter seemed to have problems with every aspect of the video writing, "OMG I CAN’T  the makeup, the outfit, the head movements... All for the skinny jeans."

Of course, many of Britney's fans were quick to come to her defense. "I love all y’all judging her make up! WHILE SHE’S KILLING IT AT THE GYM! Jesus people, she’s real as hell, no one contours to go work out, Brit is killing it!" wrote one fan. "What is wrong with you people? Have you never woke up with makeup? I know I have. Can't we just all get along?" wrote another. One fan even encouraged Britney to turn comments off so people would stop leaving so much negativity. "Should just turn off comments on your page! All these salty girls on here just come to hate cuz they cant compare to a queen!! You're such an inspiration to so many!"

Can Britney just live? The pop superstar has had some personal issues recently with regards to her conservatorship as well as her custody agreement with ex-husband Kevin Federline changing. She recently went from blonde to brunette and some are speculating that her mental health may be declining. Britney seems to be pretty happy and thankfully the comments about her makeup haven't stopped her from posting workout videos and photos.

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My morning ritual at my mini gym !!!! 🐠🐠🐠

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Britney isn't the only person to wear makeup to the gym, so what's the big deal? Leave Britney alone!

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