Britney Spears Switches Back To Blonde Hair Cause It's More Fun

britney spears blonde

It was just over a month ago that pop princess Britney Spears debuted a new look by going brunette once again. Although Spears is typically blonde, she traded up her golden locks for a darker hue after being inspired by younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears who also decided to go a little darker. Just two days ago Spears was still sporting her darker hair in a picture posted to Instagram, but it seems that she's decided that blondes do have more fun because Brit is back to blonde.

The 37-year-old pop star showed off her new look yesterday on Instagram. "So maybe blondes do have more fun 😉😉😉😉 It’s not professional Hollywood hair and makeup .... but hey it’s real and I’m watching Vacation !!! 🏖😉🏖😉😉😉😉 PS Just got out of pool so hair is wet ... sorry!!!" she captioned the short video showing off her new 'do.

Her fans were thrilled to see Britney back as a blonde, with some even hoping that it was a sign of new music to come. "Omg new single coming," wrote one excited fan. While there has been no mention of new music, Spears does seem to be taking some to stay healthy and focus on herself. She's been vacationing in Maui with many thinking that the recent turmoil between her father and her sons caused her to step away for a little while.

Back in September, there was an alleged altercation between her father, Jamie Spears, and her son Sean Federline. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline filed for a change in their custody agreement as a result of the interaction which had many people worried about Spears' reaction. Some even speculated that her drastic change in hair color from blonde to brunette was a result of personal turmoil caused by the events between her father and Sean.

Now that Britney is back to blonde fans are excited and hope that it's a signal that she's going to return to work. Just a few weeks ago Spears' wrote a message to fans on Instagram asking them not to 'forget about me' and writing that "I’m taking this transition in my life to focus on what I really want ... I’ve been working nonstop, well, since I was 8 years old in the business. Sometimes it’s good to stop and reflect !!!!"

We love her both blonde and brunette and hope that her time away is exactly what she needs!

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