Britney Spears Reportedly Visited Target 80 Times Last Year

It sounds ridiculous, but in this case, stars, they're just like us. We may think that big celebrities spend all day drinking champagne and having servants attend to their every need. And maybe some do. But many celebrities, especially celebrity parents, aren't that different from the rest of us, they just have more money. Britney Spears has long been easy to relate to, but this newest reveal about her shows just how true that is. Her 2018 finances have been released, and she loves Target. See, just like us.

With her conservatorship case currently under review, the financial documents have been released. They track every penny that comes in and out of her bank accounts. So we get to see her spending habits, and girlfriend really loves Target. She spent around $400,000 over 80 trips to the retailer. Moms everywhere are nodding their heads in solidarity. Honestly, 80 trips over the entire year doesn't even feel like that many considering how many days there are. And you can spend $400,000 before you even make it past the Dollar Spot.

Britney's love of Target is well documented on social media. You can find pictures of the pop star leisurely pushing her red cart around various locations. The fact that she only has a bodyguard following her around, and not a kid begging her for every toy they see makes her the envy of mom's everywhere.

Spears had one of her best earning years in 2018, making $2.5 million more than she had in 2017. She spent the latter half of the year on her "Piece of Me" tour, which ran from July to October, which brought in a good chunk of change. Between investment accounts, mutual funds and other trusts, her total assets ring in at about $60 million dollars. So her trips to Target are quite actually, chump change.

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Besides Target, Spears seems to drop some serious coin and Ralphs (a Kroger grocery chain) and Home Depot. She allegedly spent $66,000 on household supplies. With two tween boys, this actually sounds pretty accurate. She also loves to travel, according to the documents, she spent $70,000 on travel in 2018. With her Vegas residency taking up at least some of the year and her boys living in LA, some of that money was probably just spent going back and forth.

One thing missing? Any money relating to Britney's mental health facility stays. The records are being looked at in light of Spears asking for some freedoms in her conservatorship to be granted.

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