Everyone Is Angry At Britney Spears Over This Instagram Of Her Shoes

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Britney Spears has certainly been through the wringer over the course of her career. There was the very messy divorce and public custody battle, resulting in that head-shaving breakdown in 2007, followed by a meteoric rise back to the top. In January, Britney announced she would be suspending her Las Vegas residency to help her father recover from a longstanding illness. Fans have always backed her, but the internet is fickle. Now Brit has come under fire for posting a snap of a pair of snakeskin Louboutin shoes.

The close-up photo shows the designer heels in all their glory, with a dark green base and brown and white detailing. It wasn't so much the picture that angered her followers, but the caption, which reads, "Four years ago I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin snakeskin heels that were 6,000 dollars...PS I've never worn them!!!" It wasn't long before the comments section turned into a battleground, with followers calling the "Toxic" hitmaker out for wasting money.

One user said, "You can send them to me so I can auction them off and pay for an entire year's worth of meals for all the people that go without food in my town." Others agreed, saying it was a grotesque show of wealth when so many people in the world go without. As you might expect, there were plenty of angry individuals who were more irked by the snakeskin than anything else. "That is shameful to wear animals killed for vanity and brag about letting them go to waste. So cavalier and dismissive," says one commenter.

Britney isn't the first celebrity to rub the internet the wrong way by sharing details of their wealth. Earlier this year Khloe Kardashian uploaded a picture of her daughter True Thompson in a blinged-out baby Bentley. Many users thought it was a shameless waste of money, while some thought it would spoil True beyond repair, affecting how she handles herself when she grows up. Kardashian got into a polite debate with one user, explaining that she will always put an emphasis on making sure her daughter is brought up right, regardless of the gifts she gets.

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