'Teen Mom 2' Star Opens Up About Scary Stalking Experience

When you are a celebrity, it is impossible to live a “normal” life. For reality television stars, while they live plenty of their lives on screen, they don’t seem to be given the same right to privacy. Briana DeJesus, who is known for her role on Teen Mom 2, recently took to Twitter to make it known that she's had enough, and that she's even encountered some scary situations while out in public. She tweeted that just because she is on a realty show, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve privacy. Especially when it comes to her children.

DeJesus is no stranger to the public eye. In June, there were several rumors swirling that she was expecting her third child. However, she quickly took to social media to set the record straight.

Most recently, DeJesus took to Twitter once again. This time, to tackle a subject that not only impacts her life, but the lives of her two daughters as well. Starting the tweet off with the words, "Quick rant," she went on to relay how fans need to respect her privacy, and boundaries. While DeJesus appreciates love from her fans, stalking, and being outright creepy, is not acceptable. Reality star, or not.

DeJesus continued the conversation by writing, "I don’t mind being stopped to take photos and have a quick chat but going the extra mile is weird and it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

We can only imagine how uneasy these particular situations would be, especially for a mother with two young girls.

Fans were quick to jump in, and agree with DeJesus. For the most part, everyone rallied alongside the Teen Mom star. Many came to her defence, and echoed in support that no matter who you are, you have the right to privacy, and to feel safe.

But, of course, there’s always one in the mix who likes to stir the pot.

Yes, DeJesus gets paid to be on television. She does not, however, get paid to be stalked, or have her safety put at risk. While certain things are to be expected when you are well known, like being asking for a photo, boundaries are boundaries. Lines should never be crossed, no matter who you are, or how much you are getting paid.

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