Breathtaking Kindergartens Around The World (20 Photos)

Going to a kindergarten is a very important part of most people's childhoods. And most of our memories of kindergartens are mostly about playing outside and sharing meals with other children. But when we think of the kindergarten building themselves, we are lucky if we remember them, as most don't really stand out. Or at least they used to not stand out. But that has all changed, as nowadays, children most definitely have a lot of beautiful kindergartens they get to play in. No seriously, the extent to which the architects design these kindergartens to meet a child's needs and wants is insane! There are kindergartens that look like a giant cat, kindergartens that are tree houses, even kindergartens that look like a whole small village. Where were these when we were growing up? Yeah, today's kindergarten architecture and interior design are definitely at the best it has ever been, and we have assembled this list to just showcase some of the gems that can be found worldwide. Because kids deserve to have a beautiful and uniques space to spend those first few years of their childhood in!

So here they are, 20 kindergartens around the world that kids are definitely fortunate to have.

20 Fuji Kindergarten in Tachikawa, Japan

Let's kick our list off with this beautiful kindergarten in Japan. It was built back in 2007 and ever since it has become known worldwide for its unique architecture. The kindergarten was built as a complete circle in order to encourage children to run around on the huge rooftop boardwalk, which even has trees on it the children can climb. The kindergarten definitely allows the children to be outdoors and active as much as possible, which is extremely important for them whilst growing up.

19 Kindergarten Die Katze in Karlsruhe, Germany

This adorable kindergarten situated in Germany is definitely a place any child would love spend their time in. I mean, we are grown-ups, and we are still envious that these kids get to run around and play inside of something that looks like an adorable cat! The architects really did an amazing job with this one. Just look at how well they incorporated the windows and door into the cat's facial features! If only all kindergartens looked like animals, kids probably wouldn't even want to go home!

18 Kindergarten Kekec in Ljubljana, Slovenia

This beautiful kindergarten in Slovenia allows the children to use their creativity in a very fun way! Namely, the colorful vertical panels surrounding the exterior of the kindergarten can easily be turned around by the children, allowing them to pretty much redecorate their kindergarten on the outside. Imagine the children being able to redecorate the building every day! Yup, definitely looks like a lot of fun, and so many cool combos could be made by only switching certain color panels out.

17 Fagerborg Kindergarten in Oslo, Norway

Via: mimoa.eu

Another very cool kindergarten is located in Norway, this school has that classic rustic yet simple Scandinavian look to it. The building was completed in 2011 and it was designed to create a stimulating atmosphere for children with its unusual shape and randomly positioned windows. Buildings like these allow children from a young age to acknowledge that things can be built in different ways, allowing their future creativity to have no boundaries. At the end of the day, that is what parents want their children to take away from kindergarten, besides learning how to count and maybe spell.

16 Els Colors in Barcelona, Spain

Via: theplan.it

This beautiful, super colorful kindergarten located in Barcelona, Spain was finished in 2002. The design of it is quite simple, yet the unique use of colored glass as walls is what makes this particular kindergarten definitely worth a spot on our list. Having such vibrant and cheerful colors around the kids is definitely important, as it can lift their spirits and let their imagination run completely free. Kindergartens were definitely not as cool as this while we were growing up!

15 The École Maternelle Pajol in Paris, France

Speaking of super bright and colorful kindergartens, how about this one located in Paris, France? It checks off all the important features of a cool kindergarten: it has a fun exterior, it is a place that nourishes children's creativity, and it's pretty unique. So, it's no wonder we decided to include it. While the building was built in the 1940s, its recent renovations ended up giving it the uniquely fun rainbow look, not only on the outside, but the inside as well!

14 Aadharshila Vatika in New Delhi, India

This very cartoon-looking kindergarten is definitely one of the most unique kindergartens in terms of architecture on this list. From the outside, it looks like it has plenty of interesting floors and spaces to explore, especially from a kid's perspective! The inside floor plan was kept quite simple so the kids could easily move around, however that does not mean it lacks originality and creativity. The final building was finished in 2007 and ever since, the kindergarten is a clear kids' favorite.

13 Kensington International Kindergarten in Bangkok, Thailand

This kindergarten located in Bangkok, Thailand was intended to give everyone a new perception of what a playground can look like, and thereby challenge a child's imagination. The kindergarten has plenty of outdoor options for children to play at, as well as a lovely inside with big windows in order to keep children close to the natural environment outdoors. Plus, a part of the outdoors looks like a racing track and what kid on this planet wouldn't love to play on one?

12 Kindergarten Barbapapà in Comune de Vignola, Italy

This beautiful kindergarten located in Italy was designed to a notice competition for project financing back in 2006. The project revolved around sustainable themes and this kindergarten fulfills that theme by its architectural expressions of connecting to your surroundings in an environmentally friendly manner. The roof of the garden is covered by a green deck, to ensure good thermal insulation and the kindergarten's big glass openings allow the kids to feel like they are outside even on a cold winter day.

11 Farming Kindergarten in Biên Hòa, Dong Nai, Vietnam

Next on our list is another great sustainable and environmentally-conscious kindergarten. This one is located in Dong Nai, Vietnam. In a country that battles with increased droughts, floods and salinization (mainly due to environmental changes), a kindergarten like this tries to teach children to live a more sustainable life. It is designed as a beautiful, continuous green roof which not only allows the children to have an educational food and agriculture experience, but also allows them to play in a beautiful playground.


10 Kita Josef-Felder-Strasse in Augsburg, Germany

This kindergarten in Augsburg, Germany is a wonderful example of how a kindergarten doesn't always need to be super bright, colorful and crazy in order to fulfill a child's needs. This kindergarten is very simple in design, almost resembling a wood cabin with its wooden and organic interior design, yet it still has that adventurous vibe that children love. Plus the details such as the lamps and windows definitely help tie the interior together, giving it that finishing touch of detail.

9 Loop Kindergarten in Tianjin, China

This amazing donut-shaped kindergarten located in Tianjin, China is definitely worth a mention on our list. It was completed back in 2012 and its three-story structure is color-coded. The rounded edges of the building and its windows add a natural sense of flow and movement and the colors brighten it all up. The roof of the kindergarten is covered with artificial grass and allows the children to enjoy some additional outdoor space to run around and socialize on.

8 Children's Activity and Learning Center in Ko Kut, Thailand

This amazing kindergarten was built back in 2009 in beautiful Ko Kut, Thailand, and can we all just take a moment to agree that this is pretty much the ultimate dream kindergarten! Seriously, it is a giant treehouse with so many places to explore and discover every day! This magical place has a library, kitchen, art room, music room, balcony, and a very important and fun slide! Can we all just be kids again and please play in this kindergarten?

7 Shining Stars Kindergarten in Jakarta, Indonesia

Next on our list is the Shining Stars Kindergarten, located in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. This is another kindergarten with a focus on sustainability and nature. It contains plenty of small courtyards inside. They not only allow some natural light to come in, but also make the children feel as though they are playing outside. Teaching children how important nature is from a small age is crucial, and this kindergarten allows them to explore that on their own.

6 Educational Center in Granada, Spain

This is another beautiful kindergarten located in Spain, that was completed in 2010. Similar to the Els Colors in Barcelona, this one also combines space, light and color to create a wonderful and imaginative space for children to learn and play in. Because of the colored glass, the inside takes on beautiful hues throughout the whole day, allowing children to play in a vibrant setting. The kindergarten also has a large playground suggesting that running around, playing and engaging in physical activity is an integral part of learning and growing up.

5 Sjötorget Kindergarten in Stockholm, Sweden

This kindergarten in Stockholm, Sweden is a wonderful example of a creative kindergarten interior. It was finished in 2013 and it turned out as a playful environment for children to flourish in. The rooms are spread out seemingly randomly with scattered windows, but in reality, the floor plan works perfectly. The kindergarten also plays with vibrant colors, designating a different one for each area of the interior. This allows children to easily and in a fun way remember what is where, which allows them to become independent more quickly.

4 Sarreguemines Nursery in Lorraine, France

Next on our list of jaw-dropping kindergartens is this beautiful pink kindergarten located in Lorraine, France. The interior of the kindergarten was designed to resemble a human cell, and as such, it mainly features smooth surfaces and curved shapes. The inside is a light space with differently leveled ceilings, and the pink color of the walls gives the whole building a safe, calm, and almost womb-like feel, which subconsciously allows the children to feel protected and relax more easily.

3 OA Kindergarten in Saitama, Japan

Another kindergarten that deserves a spot on our list is OA Kindergarten, located in the Japanese city of Saitama. What makes this kindergarten so peculiar is the fact that it is entirely made out of earthquake-resistant shipping containers. As a result of that, the kindergarten has a very rustic and industrial feel to it, which, if well executed like here, can definitely be a child's dream kindergarten. At this kindergarten, the children also have an amazingly big playground to roam around in.

2 Kindergarten 8Units in Velez-Rubio, Spain

Another Spanish kindergarten made our list, this time it's one located in Vélez-Rubio. It was finished in 2009, and it is characterized by brightly colored circular windows, both on the outside of the building as well as on the inside between different rooms. The inside is divided into areas designated by the age of the children, and each area has a different color theme. So, for children under 1 year, the color is blue in order to encourage relaxation, for children between the ages of 1 and 2, the color is orange in order to stimulate activity, and for children above the age of 3, the color is green to nourish their connection with nature.

1 Kindergarten Forfatterhuset in Copenhagen, Denmark

Last but definitely not least on our list is this beautiful kindergarten complex in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was finished in 2014 and it is made up of five small houses, all with a very unique looking exterior and beautiful green roof gardens that just add more space for outdoor play. Judging from the outside, one would even say that the kindergarten resembles a small village made for children's needs, and that is exactly what the goal of this kindergarten is.


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