These Bath Bombs Were Made To Help Comfort Your Sick Kid


We're no longer major players in the baby game - that factory closed a while ago! But we love staying up-to-date on new and exciting baby products. And we love even more when new products come out that we can use with our toddlers and kiddos! Fridababy is one of our favorite companies for a lot of reasons. Their NoseFrida saved our sanity countless times when our babies got stuffy and congested. The Windi was a godsend when it came to relieving gassy tummies and helped everyone get a better night's sleep. We use their cooling and fever patches with our kids now, from toddlers to bigs!

They really looked at what could be improved in the baby and kid game, and they made products that are super helpful, easy to use, and best of all, affordable. Their newest product is something we will be using ASAP, and we think parents everywhere are going to love it. Fridababy has released natural vapor bath bombs called, appropriately, BreatheFrida. These bath bombs can help relieve stuffed-up kiddos, and during cold and flu season, that is so important.

breathefrida bath bombs
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There's nothing sadder than a congested kiddo, right? You can suck out all the snot in the world, but when that congestion settles into their chest, it can be so uncomfortable. We use humidifiers for the babes, and Vicks Vapo Rub for bigger kids, but we're always on the lookout for something else that can help. The BreatheFrida bath bombs are just what we were looking for. It's so easy - just plop one in the tub with your congested kiddo, and let the natural vapors work to clear their airways.

Image: Amazon

The natural vapor bath bombs are made using eucalyptus and lavender oils, which can clear airways and help with relaxation. They're safe to use in your bath tub (but are recommended for ages 2+ and not to be used in infant baths). The bath bombs take 6-8 minutes to dissolve, but they fizz in the process, which makes them functional AND fun!

You can get a 3-pack of the BreatheFrida natural vapor bath bombs on Amazon for $7.99. They're also available on the FridaBaby website, or you can search for a list of retailers that carry them in store. These are definitely something every parent is going to want to have on hand!

They are also selling a Sick Day essentials kit, which includes their Natural Nose and Chest Wipes, Organic No-Mess Chest Balm, and Organic Essential Oil for Bath or Diffuser. You can purchase this on Amazon as well for $19.99.

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