Dad Confronts Wife's Friend For Breastfeeding At Their Kid's Birthday Party

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Breastfeeding is a popular choice among moms for multiple reasons. Not only does it help your baby get all of the nutrients they need, but it can help build the bond between mother and child. Bottle feeding also has its bonuses. Whatever the choice, no one should ever be judged for something as natural as feeding their child. However, one dad has sparked fury after shaming his wife's friend for breastfeeding at his son's birthday party.

Originally posted on Reddit, the story has been shared numerous times by media outlets and outraged parents alike. The woman was a colleague of his wife who attended the party along with her 2-year-old. When the child became hungry, she started to feed her while seated at the dining table.

The Reddit poster then asked the mother to remove herself from the room and suggested she breastfeed away from the rest of the party. It would've been fine in public, he insisted, but the teenagers at the party were uncomfortable, so he decided to do something about it.

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The mother didn't move and continued her task until her daughter was done. The following day, she made her feelings known to the Reddit poster's wife. It didn't take long for the Reddit community to jump in on the anonymous shamer, with some commenters telling him to grow up. Others called him out for supposedly being okay with breastfeeding in public but making others feel uncomfortable doing it in his home.

On the flip side, some people believed that the nursing mother was in the wrong and should've honored the request of the host. "There's nothing wrong at all with breastfeeding in public," wrote one user. "But public is not someone else's home." The online discussion ultimately had a positive result, with the original poster taking the comments on board and admitting his attitude had been backward.

Instead of giving the woman in question his support, he said he should've "been happy that she gave this wonderful opportunity for normalizing this taboo thing." As the breastfeeding debate rages on, it's unlikely this will be the last post of its kind that we see. Let's hope that education continues to broaden the horizons of those who still don't quite get it.

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