10 Tips To Easily Wean Your Breastfeeding Baby

It’s crazy to think that your baby was once a newborn by how much they grow in just half a year. As your baby grows and develops, there comes a time for them to stop breastfeeding and have other food items introduced to them.

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But weaning your baby off of breastfeeding is not easy by any means; it’s something that takes time to get them to understand that they are done breastfeeding. So if you are about to start weaning your baby off of breastfeeding then you need to keep reading to discover ten tips on how to do it easily.

10 Create A Feeding Schedule

Right now you most likely feed your little one when they are hungry and ask for milk. Though there is nothing wrong with that, it can make things more difficult for you when you are trying to wean them off breastfeeding. When you start the process of stopping breastfeeding you need to create a schedule for your little one so they will start to understand when they are going to get fed. A schedule will help you and them stick to set times for feeding and not to cave in to give them breast milk.

9 Remember It’s Okay To Say No

When your child is looking at you with their big precious eyes asking for milk it can be hard for you to say no to them. But you need to remember that it is okay to say no. If you know that your child is not hungry or as a feeding coming up then you need to stay strong since they will be okay not getting what they want all the time. Also, say no them to them about your breast milk will make them start to realize that they are not going to be breastfeeding anymore.

8 Look For Signs Your Baby Is Ready

If you are waiting for your little one to give you a sign that they are ready to stop breastfeeding then you need to pay attention to their little signs. There are some signs that your baby is ready to stop breastfeeding such as their tongue does not reflexively thrust forward or is in the process of stopping when you breastfeed them.

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Even if your little one is sitting up and holding themselves when they are eating then this can be another sign they are ready to be done with breastfeeding.

7 Get Your Partner Involved To Help With Feedings

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While you were breastfeeding your baby, it might have felt it was all up to you since you were the one providing breast milk. Now that you are weaning your baby off breastfeeding you need to involve your partner to help with the feedings. Your partner can help by holding the bottle to help to feed them solid food, this change is going to signal your little one that this is the new normal. Take the time to talk to your partner to discuss how they can help you in this process.

6 Have A Comfort Item For Them

When there's a change in your life you can become upset and feel unsettled and this is how your little one feels when they start the weaning process. A great way to combat these feelings for your baby is to get them an item they can have to comfort them.

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This can be a blanket, stuffed animal, or anything else that they can hold to become more comfortable. Before you start weaning find an item that your little one can have that first day of the process.

5 Do It When They Are Not Sick

There are times when you have prepared yourself mentally that you are going to start weaning your child off of breastfeeding today, but then you go to get them from their crib and you see that your little one is sick. Anytime your child is sick you need to stop the weaning process to focus on them getting the most milk and nutrients they need. Weaning them off while they are sick might lead to them not getting enough food, making it harder for your little one to get better. So if your child is sick or has a cold then you should wait until they are healthy again before you start weaning them off breastfeeding.

4 Be Comforting Towards Your Baby

When you decide it is time to stop breastfeeding your baby this is going to come as a huge shock to them that can cause them to become upset. Many parents find success in weaning their baby off of breastfeeding when they are spending time with them after they eat.

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This can be done by you holding them and rocking them so they feel comforted in the fact of this new change in their life. So make sure you are spending time with your little one after you feed them so they feel comfortable about the change.

3 Start Introducing Solid Foods

Before you start the process of the baby to stop breastfeeding you need to slowly start introducing solid foods. Solid foods are going to be the next step in their development and even if you get them to give them a spoonful of mashed banana or pureed peas here and there it is going to help you, in the long run, to have them like and understand this is what they are eating. Then when you are ready to wean them off breastfeeding they are already going to be familiar with the texture and taste of the food.

2 Be Patient

The most important thing you need to remember when you are weaning your baby off of breastfeeding is to be patient. You need to understand that your little one has only known your breast milk and this is a huge change for them. Since they are young they do not understand things all at once, so it is going to take multiple attempts for them to realize that you are not allowing them breast milk and that they are now eating solid food. Don’t worry if it is taking time to wean them off because that is very normal.

1 Don’t Quit Cold Turkey

A mistake that some moms make when they try to get their little one to stop breastfeeding is to have their baby stop breastfeeding cold turkey. Quitting cold turkey can make it even more difficult for your child to accept the fact that they are done breastfeeding. Instead, cut back on the amount of time they are breastfeeding so understand it is getting limited and not to be expected anymore. So take your time when you are weaning your baby off of breastfeeding so it goes more smoothly for both you and them.

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