Mom Asked Husband For Breast Milk Jewelry, And What She Got Has Us Cracking Up

Breast milk jewelry

Asking for what you really want for the holidays can be tricky. You might feel guilty for asking for something for yourself, or you might not know what you want! Or, you know exactly what you want, but something gets lost in translation somewhere along the way. Like maybe you want a specific type of bag or pair of shoes, but your significant other doesn't quite understand that the devil is in the details and gets something that isn't quite right. This seems to be the case for one mama who asked for some breastfeeding jewelry for Christmas, and got a little more (or less) than she bargained for, LOL. Breastfeeding jewelry is jewelry made using your own breast milk, and it's a pretty popular accessory for mamas who want to commemorate this special time! It can be a little pendant or drop earrings with a small drop of your own breast milk in a capsule. It's very special, but the entire idea is that it's YOUR breast milk. And that it, you know, contains breast milk. This dad clearly didn't know what it was, and his gift wasn't quite what she asked for. Still beautiful! And really funny.

So Kay Jewelers when did you guys start making breastmilk Earrings? 😂😂😂 "Funny story: I told my husband that for...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Thursday, December 27, 2018

The anonymous post was shared on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk. Apparently, the mama really wanted some breast milk earrings for Christmas. So she told her husband, and off he went to look for some. But ... well, here's the thing. Those kind of earrings need to be specially made and ordered, because they have your breast milk inside! This sweet husband went to several jewelry stores in the area, only to discover that he couldn't find what she wanted. We can just imagine the employees at these stores who fielded his request, LOL.

Finally, someone at a Kay Jewelers shop told him they had a pair of 100% authentic breast milk earrings in stock. Score! Husband bought those right up, and was probably so proud when she opened them on Christmas morning. The earrings are very lovely, pearl and diamond studs that we're sure mama loved. But can we talk about a couple of things? First off, which would a store like Kay carry jewelry with breast milk in it?! And whose breast milk did he think he was getting?!

This is such a sweet and funny story, and we're sure they both got a good laugh out it. And really, everyone wins! Mama got a gorgeous pair of earrings, and now dad knows exactly what breastfeeding jewelry is, so next time, hopefully he'll get it right.

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