People Are Doing Their Makeup Like 'Bratz Dolls'

If you were a child of the early aughts, you probably owned at least one Bratz doll. Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin were the original Bratz dolls and were a must have for any doll loving tween. While Bratz were never quite as popular as the iconic Barbie doll, the posable figures with the super-sized eyes and on point makeup were definitely a favorite of the tween girl set. They also didn't come without their fair share of controversy either, with many parents alleging that the dolls were too sexualized to be marketed to young girls. Still, Bratz dolls only became cooler to their target audience thanks to their awesome wardrobe options and the introduction of Bratz Boyz and Bratz Petz.

Now, those who grew up loving the fashion-forward dolls are embracing their inner Bratz once again. Inspiration comes in many forms, and the #BratzChallenge is seeing Instagram influencers, makeup artists and simply Bratz lovers recreating iconic Bratz doll looks in real life using makeup. Participants are posting their looks on Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #BratzChallenge and #BratzDollChallenge and the results are as amazing and different as each of the Bratz dolls who are proving the inspiration.

Some beauty influencers are opting to use the Bratz dolls as inspiration for real-life makeup looks that could be worn during the day or for a night out on the town. These looks are pretty spectacular versions of their Bratz doll counterparts but are more suitable for real-life wear. After all, who doesn't love a bold, overdrawn lip and a dramatic eye?

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Others are definitely taking the challenge to the next level by literally turning themselves into living Bratz dolls, and the results are pretty amazing. This challenge is definitely putting the 'artist' in makeup artist! Check out how amazing these looks are!

Beauty vlogger Clawdeena, however, pointed out there is an issue with the Bratz Doll Challenge, and that is giving credit where credit is due. As Paper Mag reported, the issue with the challenge is that people are taking publication photos of the Bratz doll looks and using them in their side by side photos where they are showing their own transformation. Clawdeena points out that this is angering many in the doll community because it's basically using someone else's work for your own gain, without properly attributing the original artist behind the doll or the photograph of the doll.

While the challenge may be problematic to some, it doesn't seem like it's going to be ending anytime soon. A quick look at the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter shows that people can't get enough of turning themselves into living dolls, with thousands of people taking on the challenge.

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