Boy Who Was Thrown Out Of Mall Balcony Is Walking Against The Odds

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Seven months ago, the unimaginable happened to a 5-year-old boy in Minnesota. A stranger just picked him up and tossed him over the balcony on the third floor at the Mall of America. The boy named Landen, whose last name has been kept private, survived the terrible random attack, but it didn't look good at the time. Now, the kindergartener is amazing us all with his recovery.

Landen spent five months in the hospital after suffering a number of injuries in the fall. And his therapy has continued, even as he made it back to school. At the last update in August, Landen's family said that he was walking, but with a limp, because his femur was broken twice. This November, though, they say that the limp has gone and Landen is walking normally again. In fact, they used the word "perfectly."

This sweet boy seems really blessed. He also came home from the hospital with an open wound on his belly, but it's healing too. Landen knows just how miraculous his recovery has been.

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Police scene at Mall of America
Credit: ABC News

On the GoFundMe page, established for his care, the family friend said that Landen is always sharing his faith which has helped him through the past seven months. He encourages people who are going through their own trials by saying, "I fell off a cliff, but Angels caught me and Jesus loves me, so I’m ok and you will be too!"

Landen still has more doctor's appointments and follow-ups to go to, and the friend said that there are many others coming up during the holiday season. He encouraged people to keep the boy in their prayers. It's truly inspiring how much faith the entire family shares, even when something so terrible happened to them.

They don't focus on the man who caused the tragedy, which by the way, he pleaded guilty to attempted murder and has been sentenced to 19 years in prison. However, instead they are focusing on the positive.

The friend said that Landen loves the mail which he has been receiving from supporters. Moreover, he feels the love from across the world surrounding him. Although there was one bad person who started it all, they now appreciate the millions of good people who cover them in prayers and support. That love and faith has made all the difference.

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