10 Forgotten Boy Names That We Hope Make A Comeback By 2020

Boy names that are all the rage are so drab. Nothing says "the coolest boy around" quite like an amazing retro name that needs to make a comeback. A name is one of the most important things a parent can ever offer to their little ones, and it can stick with them for life.

Over the years, depending on the origin of a name, names are recycled and reused and sometimes, passed down from generation to generation. So for 10 forgotten names that seriously should make a comeback by 2020, check out this list that will make Mom's heart flutter.

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9 Clarence

Looking for a name that has both charm and wit? Clarence meaning bright and clear is an English name that was once very popular in the early 1920s but has since decreased in popularity, especially in the United States.

The name actually comes from the Latin title Clarensis, which belonged to members of the British royal family. According to social and linguistic anthropologists, the name actually stems from the town of Clare in Suffolk, England. Which is not too surprising, given that many names in the past came from the places people lived.  Believe it or not, as a first name it has only been used since the 19th century.

8 Edgar

For another name that has been forgotten and somewhat jolted from the name books, consider the ever inspiring Edgar. Like the author Edgar Allen Poe the name, Edgar is distinguished and unique. Edgar is also an English baby name that means fortunate and powerful, according to Baby Center.

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When the name is broken down, ead which comes from Old English means wealth and fortune, while gar, also from old English means spear. Edgar dates back to the 10th century, and although it lost a bit of popularity back in the 18th century, it's never too late to bring it back for 2020.

7 Claude

As many croissant and Eiffel Tour fans out there could guess, the name Claude that hails all the way from France. Claude actually comes from the masculine and feminine form of Claudius. "In France, the masculine name has been common since the Middle Ages due to the 7th-century Saint Claude of Besançon.

This is the perfect name for an artsy family since one of the most famous men who bore this name was Claude Monet, the famous impressionist painter. Besides, there are not a lot of Claudes out there at the moment, according to nameberry the name has really decreased in popularity since the 1900s.

6 Ernest

Much like the ravenous character in "The Importance of Being Ernest," any parent who chooses this Germanic name can rest assured that their little boy will be just as insightful and bold as the name implies. According to behind the name, Ernest is actually a derivative of the word eornost which means serious.

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The English language adopted the name Earnest just one century after the German House of Hanover inherited the British throne in the 18th century, behind the name mentions. Although the name is not beaming with popularity right now, it could make a come back in the next year or so.

5 Samson

The name Samson actually increased in popularity since 2004, according to Baby Center, but remains one of those ill forgotten names that is not very widely used. In fact, only about 200 people are given the name every year in the United States, according to Baby Names Hub. 

So if parents are lucky they can hop on this baby name train before it leaves the station. Samson comes from Shemesh, a Hebrew name that means sun, which is perfect for the glowing boy. This is also a biblical name as it appears readily in the Old Testament. so for the perfect balance of light and faith, consider Samson as a perfect name in need of a comeback.

4 Arnold



Arnold is such a fun name! It is just like the cartoon character in Hey Arnold! This strong and functional name is of Germanic origin and means eagle power.

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The name Arnold comes from the elements arn from Germany meaning "eagle" and wald meaning "power." Before, the English used the name Earnweald as the Arnold equivalent. Luckily this replaced it.

3 Lloyd

From the Welsh name, llwyd Lloyd means grey, according to behind the name, not to worry though, mom, while grey certainly does not spark the kind of enthusiasm that other name meanings might, gray can also mean level, right in the middle, down to earth, and balanced.

There are various upsides to naming one's child this adorably forgotten name. One can only hope that Lloyd can make a comeback soon so that many little boys of this generation will be braced by the opportunity to have such an intriguing name.

From the very very old English, think Anglo Saxon English, Milton was one of the very first authors ever. The gift of literature is what parents can offer to their child when doting him with this very important name. Milton means mill town, just as many names in history were derivatives of places people either lived or worked.

According to behind the name Milton remains relatively popular in Sweden but in the United States, the name has drastically decreased in popularity since 1911.

2 Murray

The exact geographical origin of the name Murray remains unknown, though it is sure that the name comes from Celtic origin and has roots in Scotland and Ireland.

In Scotland, a moray is known as a seabord settlement, so as a given name Murray is perfect for little boys who love the sea. Most often Murray is heard on sitcoms and in movies, but if parents are looking to increase the popularity of this forgotten name they should consider reviving it over the next year. It is simple to pronounce and incredibly unique. Any little boy would be lucky to boast such a name.

1 Melvin

Melvin is an English name according to nameberry, which has really tapered off in popularity since the 1950s. Melvin means counsel protector. Melvin is a dignified name, perfect for a very smart and capable, yet determined boy.

And sure, choosing a name can be hard, but after this list, one can hope that picking a name just got a little bit simpler. Though no one knows exactly how their children will react to their names when they are older, one thing is for sure, if parents choose this option for their child, their child's name will not soon be forgotten.

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