2-Year-Old Injured During 5-Minute Unauthorized Ride On Airport Conveyor Belt

Airports are places of wonder for children, full of lots of exciting things. While we do our best as parents to keep them out of harm's way, one inquisitive toddler has been injured after jumping onto a baggage conveyor at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

According to WSB-TV Atlanta, the boy's mom put her son down while she printed a boarding pass. Although it was just a split second, the child had already climbed onto the conveyor by the time she looked up. Despite making a mad dash to her son's aid, little Lorenzo had already reached the end of the belt.

Lorenzo's mom explained to reporters that she initially went blank, shocked by the incident. She hoped that he was just enjoying the ride, and wouldn't come to any harm. When Spirit Airlines caught up with the boy, he had stayed on the conveyor for five minutes before eventually ending up in the TSA bag room.

Officials quickly brought Lorenzo back to his mama, but he hadn't come out unscathed. Atlanta Fire and Rescue took the pair to the local hospital, where it was discovered the toddler had fractured his right hand.

As no one was with him on his interesting ride, it's unclear how the tot became injured. His mom is just thankful that he's alive. A Spirit Airlines representative has said that they are working in conjunction with the TSA and Atlanta airport staff to make sure that procedures were followed throughout the incident. Several investigations are ongoing, but thankfully Lorenzo is recovering well.

Hartsfield-Jackson is one of the world's busiest airports. In 2017, it was named the most traveled-through airport in operation, seeing 104 million passengers going through it each year. That's roughly 260,000 passengers daily. While accidents like this are rare, it can easily happen, especially in a place as crowded as this. Some parents opt for backpacks with reigns, while others make use of extendable wrist straps to stop little ones wandering away from them. One mommy blogger uses a 4-5 feet bungy cord with carabinas on both ends, clipping one to her belt loop and another to the belt loop on her child to keep them near.

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