Boss Shames New Mom For Not Breastfeeding 9-Month-Old Baby

When it comes to feeding our babies, sometimes it feels like we just can't win! Breastfeeding moms are shamed for nursing in public. Bottle-feeding moms are shamed for not breastfeeding. Moms have been shamed for supplementing, pumping, breastfeeding for too long, not breastfeeding for long enough. It's one of things that seems pretty universal - if you're a mom, you've probably been shamed for how you choose to feed your baby! It's always annoying, but it can be especially hard to deal with when it comes out of the blue from someone you don't know very well, or worse, someone at your place of employment. A woman on Reddit shared her frustration with being shamed by her new boss for not breastfeeding her baby, and we think it's safe to say that this boss did NOT make a great first impression.

Image: Reddit

Redditor u/lmchapman shared the story on the Working Moms forum. She says that her new boss just recently joined her team, and was still getting to know everyone. The OP mentioned to her boss that she'd be away on holiday with her partner and some friends. And that's when things turned weird.

Her new boss asked who'd be watching after her 9-month-old baby. Simple enough question, we suppose! When the OP said her mother would be watching the little one, the boss got super intrusive and judgmental. She made a comment about OP not breastfeeding, to which she responded that her baby was on formula. This is where the already ridiculous questions should have ended, but the boss kept going! She asked the OP why she didn't breastfeed and when she stopped, which is 100% none of her business. When the OP explained that breastfeeding didn't really work for them and she hadn't nursed in quite some time, the boss gave a disapproving and judgmental response. Talk about making an awkward and rude introduction!

The bottom line is, it's no one's business how you feed your baby. As long as you feed them! Fed is best, and we're all just doing the best we can and what's right for our family. We hope the OP didn't take this interaction too much to heart and was able to enjoy her much-deserved break. And we hope this boss learns to mind her business about matters that don't concern her!

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