Boss Does It Right & Sends Mom Home To Care For Sick Child

Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, a California-based recruiting company, sent a female employee home to care for her sick child. He reassured her that her job was secure and she would get paid, despite having used up her sick days. According to Reifkind, "loyalty goes both ways."

Balancing work and family life can be downright exhausting, especially the first few months after having a baby. But unfortunately, many workplaces don't have a solid policy on maternity leave. Many moms can't afford unpaid leave or are too afraid to risk their job security. They are often forced to go back to work before they've had the chance to adjust work and family life. But, nonetheless, they quickly manage to stabilize everything, even at the expense of their own wellbeing.

It's rare to hear an employer making such a bold statement; supporting employees with young children, especially when it costs them money. Reifkind set an example for bosses everywhere.

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Reifkind noticed his employee crying at her desk early in the morning. When he approached her to find out what was wrong, she told him she had been up all night caring for her sick baby. The CEO wanted to know why she had come into the office. She explained that she had used up all of her sick days. She couldn't afford to take the day off.

So Reifkind did the noble thing. He assured the employee that she would be paid and he sent her home. He even wrote a check, on the spot, to ease her financial worries.

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In a LinkedIn post about the incident, Reifkind explained that this woman was his most loyal employee, and he wanted to return the loyalty back to her. In a follow-up post, he stressed that he would have done the same thing with any other employee, including a dad. The CEO believes that family comes first, and that there are moments where a boss needs to be compassionate, instead of sticking to the rule book.

Many will agree that Reifkind is setting a great example for bosses everywhere. Parents who feel supported at work are more likely to have respect for their boss, feel less stress and remain faithful to their job. Reifkind said it right when he stated that loyalty goes both ways!

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