Boss Caught Filming Working Mom Who Pumped In The Conference Room

An Iowa based architect is now suing her former boss after she alleges he was secretly videotaping her while she pumped breastmilk at work! It's hard to be a working mother while still breastfeeding because many workplaces still don't make pumping on the job easy. Jessica Clark thought she had solved that problem by booking the conference room at Carlson Design Team where she worked to ensure she had privacy. The conference room had a locking door while the rest of the office was an open floor plan so Clark felt that she was able to pump in private while using the conference room.

However, one day while pumping in the conference room Clark sensed that things didn't feel quite right, telling the Des Moines Register, “I was very self-conscious about something.” She explained that she felt so self-conscious she was attempting to cover herself while she pumped. Clark explained to the paper that her suspicions that something was "off" were correct because while she was pumping she noticed a leather portfolio with a pen sticking out of it on the chair beside her.

A quick Google search of the term "spy pen" led Clark to discover a USB device located inside the pen which contained video of Clark pumping breast milk! At that point, Clark realized that on more than one occasion before she had booked the conference room her boss, Robert C. Carlson, would be in the room. “He would make a blanket statement to the office, like, ‘I’ve got to call my brother or doctor or Medicare,'" she said. “It just all of a sudden … clicked.”

“When I went to pump that day, he had just gone in there to make a personal phone call,” Clark told The Gazette. “Then he left for a meeting.” As soon as Clark discovered the videos of herself on the pen she called the husband and then the police. Although the police are still investigating the incident, which happened last December, Clark has filed a civil suit against Carlson and his firm. The Des Moines register reports she's seeking unspecified damages for sexual harassment, sex discrimination, invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress.

“It’s hard enough to be a working mom without having to consider something like this,” Clark told The Gazette. “I was personally violated by this and I’ve been suffering emotionally because of this. But I also wanted to bring this behavior to light.”

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